Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Travel in style: Packing 101, according to me

Over the years I kept getting asked about my outfits whenever I upload my travel photos on social media and I feel that there's a need to address this before I share my visual diary for Seoul.

The FAQ:

1. How do you manage to look so put together on your trips?

2. Do you buy a new wardrobe every season?

3. How often do you shop that you always look like you have new clothes all the time? 

Well you asked and I'm gonna reveal all of my secrets. But first I'm gonna have to burst your bubble by managing expectations. if it ever crossed your mind that I pack light - I DON'T.

Well surprise surprise, I pack abnormally more than anyone else but of course still remaining practical about the things I'm bringing along. I enjoy having a variety of things, For my trip to Japan last year, I brought with me 3 outerwears, 2 pairs of shoes and a bunch of accessories including a hat and earrings. In my opinion switching up outerwears and adding accessories would give an outfit a complete new look. Note that I'll never pack something that I have no use for or has low level of comfort - e.g. Heels.

1. How do you manage to look so put together on your trips?

Effort. I'm self-aware of how much prep time I'll need to look decent or in other words put together and I'd be sure to get up earlier than my travel companions to do whatever that's needed so to not delay our planned schedule.

2. Do you buy a new wardrobe every season? 

Here's a gentle reminder to never compare yourself with bloggers and Instagram girls. It is OKAY to repeat your clothes, you don't have to always own something new. I repeat all my clothes all the time and I see no shame in doing so. Most of these girls are fortunate enough to have sponsors for them to be in dazzling outfits every now and then. Like the rest of you, I certainly do not have brands lining up waiting to sponsor me, neither do I have abundant resources allowing me to change my entire wardrobe or buy every newest piece in stores. So my answer to this is question - N O P E.

I've had my experimental phase and I'm way over that and the reason I don't change up my wardrobe to catch on trends and seasons is that I have a better undertanding of what works on me now. Being a girl with curves, I've slowly came to terms with the fact that not every style and silhouette is going to flatter my body shape, so I learned to stop wasting money on things I didn't actually L O V E altogether.

3. How often do you shop that you always look like you have new clothes all the time? 

Definitely not as frequent as I want to. My number one tip would be to mix and match! I'll show you in a few pictures below.

Here I'm wearing the same pink skirt from Zara. I paired a button down lightweight chiffon shirt when I was in Bangkok and a floral body suit layered underneath my long coat.

Staple: Zara Pink Skirt

Left : - Dorothy Perkins Blouse 

Right: - Boohoo bodysuit & Uniqlo coat

This H&M midi skirt that I got for $29.90 has got to be one of the most lasting piece that I've ever gotten and I've brought this one to Bangkok, Japan and Korea.  I styled this with a grey off the shoulder ruffled top for a monochromatic look and for a colder climate I simply layer an outerwear over it. 

Staple: H&M midi skirt 

Left: - Dorothy Perkins denim jacket

Right: - Boohoo Leather jacket 

Staple: H&M midi skirt 

Left: - Off-shoulder top from Bangkok

Right: - Crop top from H&M & Dorothy Perkins Coat 

Ok this is actually the exact same outfit, but the button down chiffon top is the one from the first photo. Switch the shoes and bag up for a more girly look. 

See what I meant about mixing and matching? That's how I get away with repeating clothes. Then again this is how I've been managing my clothes without bringing my entire closet for trips. It may or may not work for you especially if you're a backpacker. Lugging around a large suitcase with outerwears and whatnot is just absurd.

In today's fast fashion industry and shortened fashion cycle, everything that's hot now may not be in the next month therefore I don't really see the need to jump on every trend that's right before your eyes. Save up your money that could be put to better use, my love. Tell me in the comments about your shopping habits and your wardrobe staple that you own.


  1. Awesome tips!! :D
    I agree, wearing same clothes more than once is more than OK <3

    Your style is so amazing and you are so beautiful ^ - ^ <3
    I really love your pink skirts!! They look so cute :)

    1. I'm glad we share the same sentiments and I wish more people would stress lesser about having to buy new clothings because they don't repeat their outfits. (: