Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy 

If only I could live in body suits and tulle skirts every day, this would be my uniform until the day I can't dress myself anymore. This boohoo mesh body suit is one piece that exudes sexiness without showing too much skin and its embroidered details makes it a piece so dear. It's only fitting to pair it with a forest green tulle skirt for a dark romantic twist to the outfit. This was inspired by Elie Saab's past seasons' couture looks.


Floral Embroidered top: $35
Tulle skirt: ASOS Tulle Prom Skirt $105.58
Bag: Aldo 
Nude Pumps: Hush Puppies 

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Monday, November 21, 2016

BKK Visuals

✈ Bangkok 

To more adventures ahead...


Nearest BTS: Siam
For all of my past trips to Bangkok, our home base never left Pratunam. Pratunam is a fabulous place to stay when your primary focus is for hardcore shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall, Krung Thong plaza and its morning market. A little fyi for y'all shopaholics, Glow & Centerpoint Pratunam are my top hotel choices for that area.

For this trip, we made Siam Novotel our home base and boy oh boy do I love this location so damn much. There's so much to do, shop and eat without having to travel far. A great line-up of massage parlors across the hotel, the surrounding of shopping malls,  BTS station right at its door step, bustling night market and wide array of delicious Thai eateries & restaurants to taste. There just so much to see and do at Siam. 

414/18-19 Rama 1 road, Patumwan
Bangkok, Thailand 10330

A 2 minutes walk from Novotel Siam brings you to Three Wheels where I managed to satisfy my cravings right after getting off the plane. We found this place unintentionally on our own. On the way from the airport, our chatty cab driver was kind to give us an insight on the best places in Siam, which we communicated a mixture of broken English and Thai. Just before turning into our hotel, he pointed in a general direction that I believe he mentioned about being the most happening night markets, that almost sounded like an exciting adventure that all of us were so determined to experience. 
Needless to say, we didn't find the place or any night markets instead we stumbled into this restaurant for a quick meal. 

Example of map-marker

πŸ“ Scala: Vintage movie theater 

184, Soi Siam Square 1, Rama I Rd., Wang Mai, 
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Scala first open its doors to movie lovers in the late 1960s and it remains as one of oldest single-screen movie halls. I'd always stop for architecture eye-candy like this because how often do you see an old school cinema like this? The closest we have in Singapore is Capitol Theater which is an architectural beauty on its own. 


186 / 2-4 Siam Square Soi 1, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, 
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand


Watergate Pavilion 567 Ratchoprarop Rd.Makkasan, Ratchathewi

Bangkok 10400 Thailand

Eve and Boy & Beautrium is the heaven for all makeup enthusiasts. These two large scale beauty stores are like their version of Sephora. Eve and Boy houses brands ranging from the western high-end to drugstore makeup. You'd find brands such as NARS, Laura Mercier, Milani, Makeup Revolution and Physicians Formula. Mind you, the price tag could be steeper than you thought. I paid  $40 for a Milani powder blush. While it's insane trying to maneuver through the evening crowd at Eve and Boy, there is Beautrium with a calmer atmosphere. With a lesser crowd there, the sales associate can get to you when they find you wandering aimlessly or staring too deeply at its range of eyeliners. Busted some dollars on Lime Crime Velvetines, sailormoon eyeliner and while at it, I discovered one of the best false eyelashes of all times (Meilinda). 

πŸ“ EmQuartier

Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong

Audrey Cafe de Fleur @ The Helix Quartier

Shopping malls makes a great hideout from the warm Bangkok weather. In this largest retail mall, you'll be in awe of its granduer luxury shopping and wide selection of dining options. If you were to ask, my favourite spot in the mall has to be its rooftop garden. While I'm not one who'd enjoy nature in a tropical climate, I'm appretiative of a breezy quiet corner and its lush greens.

πŸ“ TGIFest

Nearest BTS: Thong Lor
(Every Friday to Sunday)
Note: Permanently Closed

For the hipsters that can never get enough of hippie night market, you'd enjoy Thailand's urban weekend market TGIFest. Every corner is a photo op, the well-lit signage at its entrance surrounded by greenery makes a great backdrop for your #OOTDs. What's a hipster market if not for its photobooth? You get to print your photos for free when you upload the image onto your instagram account and hashtag them. Hippie and happy level 100. 

TGIFest feeds the soul of young people but for old-school tummies like mine, I'd very much prefer the traditional night markets like the one at Siam or Rod Fai Market for local delicacies like Khao Kha Moo (braised pork leg rice). 

Here it is, hopefully that these are some new places that you'd visit on the next trip. 

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Boohoo + Styling thigh slit midi skirt

My fellow beautiful curvy ladies, we need to talk about Boohoo! You know, I've been shopping with ASOS for about what, 7 years now and it's time for a change. Thanks to them I get to know about another incredible brand - Boohoo, which is becoming my go-to online boutique. Although ASOS carries Boohoo on their site, it isn't in its entirety. Some things like celebrity collaborations are still exclusive to Boohoo's site. 

Here are some thoughts I have as a paying customer of Boohoo and I thought you should too if you're planning to make your order. 

Choosing your size
Boohoo tends to run smaller in size when I compare with ASOS or Dorothy Perkins but they're still true to size according to their size guide. This means if I'm a UK 14 with ASOS, I'll have to size up with Boohoo. Do keep in mind that different companies has entirely different size guide, please make sure your measurements matches the size guide to avoid any disappointment from fit issues. 

What it's made of
Like I've said, clothing sizes run small at Boohoo and even the models modelling for the curve section are small too. I thought that it was harder to visualize myself fitting in the exact same outfit as the model. As a curvy girl, stretchy fabric is always a friend. It's worth to note is that a blend of viscose and elastane would give you a stretchy material. 

International shipping is chargeable at a flat rate but there isn't much to complain about for now, 3 orders with Boohoo later, all of my items reached me within a week. So that's £6.99 well spent. 


Suede choker // Boohoo 
Cropped tee (size L) // H&M 
Bomber jacket (UK 16) // New Look 
Tie slit midi skirt in khaki (UK 16) // Boohoo 
Shoes // ASOS, London Rebel 

Embrace your curves with this body hugging thigh slit midi skirt through the day and into the night. 
For a casual take, I styled the khaki skirt with a basic cropped t-shirt and added a bomber jacket for some layer. It ain't sweater weather here year round, so I've made the arm holes on my jacket useless by draping the it over my shoulders. Flat shoes are perfect for running around, so I went in and threw on a pair of grey loafers. 

There is nothing more sexy than the color black, watch as I switch from a cropped top to a mesh body suit. The outfit turns into something I'd wear to a wedding dinner or a nights out. Although this outfit would go great with heels but me being me, I'd never sacrifice comfort, so I went with a fancy pair of laced of flats instead.


Floral mesh bodysuit (UK 18)  // Boohoo 
Tie slit midi skirt in black (UK 16) // Boohoo 
Bag // Tocco Toscano 
Laced up flats  // Zalora, Something Borrowed

Disclaimer: This is not an ad, I paid for every single piece with my own money and I genuinely think that my curvy friends should get to know another clothing brand for more options (:

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Monday, August 01, 2016

Jumpsuits, The Things Nobody Told You.

The classy one piece that could be arguably the most effortless look anyone can pull off for a girls' night out or a formal work day. But what do we know about the miseries behind ladies who somehow still managed to keep it together till the end of the day in a snugly fitted jumpsuit?

1. How do you pee in this damn thing?

Obviously there is no classy way to take a piss when you're in a jumpsuit. All of this happen in slow motion, it takes patience and a bunch of coordination to disrobe and hold up the pants dearly to avoid dragging it across the bathroom flooring. From my experience I can easily tell you that in a toilet emergency kind of situation, the entire process has to be sped up x4 but the actual feeling of disrobing to landing your butt on the toilet seat feels almost like a 110 metres hurdle race that you're about to lose.

2. Can I still pull off a jumpsuit if I'm lesser than a 1.8m?

How about this, I stand at 1.65m and that's 5'5" which in my opinion isn't very tall at all. When you're my height it would be a bonus to find your size at a petite section of the store, but little did we know most clothing companies' petite section sizes ends at a UK 14 which they completely missed out the fact that a petite girl could be a UK 16 or larger.

Here's the good news, there are two ways to this,
a. wearing sky high platform shoes to elevate yourself or
b. just get it hemmed

Me being me, I'm flat shoes all day kinda girl I went for option b - Getting it hemmed. Lucky for me,  my jumpsuit that was purchased from Dorothy Perkins offers alteration services at $8 that takes 3 working days tops. Pretty efficient I'd say.

3. Can I just buy this off the internet?

Erm yes and no. Sure if you're a risk taker and no if you like being on the safe side. I think one piece suits (rompers included) are tricky! It's not something I'd willingly jump into purchase, wait 2 weeks for its arrival and then disappointingly send it back when it doesn't fit. It takes up too much time and I have enough disappointing buys still sitting in my closet to know better.

A good one piece jump suit would pass the squat test, those that didn't would look unflattering on your body, especially at the crotch and butt area. Imagine the embarrassment having to fix your crotch area every step you take. While you're new to one pieces, I'd highly suggest to going to a physical store to fit. If you're a bigger girl like me, check out Dorothy Perkins for sizes UK 14 and up. Have fun exploring and expanding your closet.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette

As promised I'm here to deliver my review on my current go-to palette - Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Without further ado let's jump into the review! In this palette you will get a total of 14 gorgeous shades that consist of 11 mattes and 3 metallic shades. The colors are the perfect blend of neutral and berry tones which is comparable to Violet Voss' Holy Grail palette. I can't speak for the quality for Violet Voss' palette but if you're not about trashing your money in a beauty product ($120), this is a fabulous choice of quality at $75.

Tempera: matte beige. 
Golden Ochre: matte earthy-yellow matte
Vermeer: metallic iridescent shell 
Buon Fresco: antique lavender 
Antique Bronze: metallic sable
Love Letter: matte raspberry
Cyprus Umber: matte dark coffee 
Raw Sienna: matte neutral amber
Burnt Orange: matte deep orange 
Primavera: shimmery gold
Red Ochre: matte sienna 
Venetian Red: matte crimson 
Warm Taupe: matte earthy grey
Realgar: matte brick

Things I Love: 

The bold color combination was what drove me to add it to my collection, I thought that the mix of berry, orange and neutrals were fresher than the massively produced neutral palettes. It comes as no surprise that the colors I reach out most to are Realgar, Burnt Orange, Love Letter and Antique Bronze. This palette has the smoothest texture, almost feels butter-like. High quality eye-shadows are always a breeze to work with because you wouldn't have to blend until your arms fall off!

Also, kudos to you if you pay attention to what goes on your face by reading ingredient lists behind products. You might recognize that this palette is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Things I didn't like:

The biggest complain for me would be the packaging and the brush that came along with it. It was disappointing because it reminded me of the first Naked palette which in my opinion has the worst packaging out of the Naked series. Similarly the Modern Renaissance palette uses a cardboard box lined with a dusty pink felt and I'm sad to say that this material will never hold up to time. Judging from my Naked palette I know that at the end of the day, dust and dirt would sit and ruin the cover entirely.

Well it's thoughtful for a brand to include a brush for the palette, but for this I feel that I could do without it since it doesn't add value for my experience. While it's a nice gesture to have a brush going along with the palette, I feel for this the expenses used for the brush could be allocated to build a better packaging to house all of these beautiful shadows.


It's true that I rarely get excited at new palette releases, this was the only one that I have been looking forward to hold it in my hands. Now I can safely telll you that I love the Modern Renaissance palette with all my heart for living up to my expectations. If only you knew the times I bought hyped up products only to be disappointed, then try so hard to reason and give it some love before realizing that it was a horrible buy that we as consumers have been talked into.

This was my first ABH purchase and I wouldn't mind trying out palettes from this line if they are going to be consistent with their quality but if once I hit pan for one of these I would instantly re-purchase this.

(Colors used: Buon Fresco, Love Letter, Antique Bronze, Primavera) 

(Colors used: Warm Taupe, Burnt Orange, Realgar, Vermeer) 

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shine Bright

Here's to better and brighter times ahead. Enough of feeling the blues and worrying over things I have no control over, I'm so gonna get myself a cupcake and maybe tinder later! x

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


As a follow-up post from my Lime Crime Venus palette review, below are 2 looks that I've created.

Colors used: Divine, Rebirth, Shell & Aura 

- Using my Zoeva 225 brush, pick up Divine and in a swiping motion apply it on the sockets of your eyes (above your crease).

- Gently pat Shell using an eyeshadow brush onto the entire eyelid.

- With my Zoeva 230 pencil brush, apply Rebirth on the outerV of my eye.

- Using Aura as a highlight color, apply in the inner corners of the eyes and at the center of the eyelids. 

- Draw your cat eye and wing it! 

- Apply mascara or false lashes for extra glam.  

Lip color: Laura Mercier Velour Lovers in Infatuation & Tarteist lip paint in So Fetch.

TIP: Avoid using Rebirth above the crease if your goal is to look as natural as possible. A bright crease color may give you the effects of puffy eyes. 

Colors used: Creation, Divine, Icon
(3ce one color shadown: Gold Shower) 

- Place Creation slightly above the original double eyelid and map it out using a flat brush. By drawing a 'new' crease that cuts from a higher point, gives an illusion of a deeper set of double eyelids.

- Using Divine blend away any harsh edges

- To complete the cut crease, apply Icon on the outer corner creating a wing that connects to the cut crease.

- Using my Zoeva 225 brush, blend out to blur out any harsh lines.

- Using a flat eye shadow brush, pat in to fill the spaces on the entire eyelids using 3CE's Gold Shower. On the same brush pat some of the glitter on to the lower lash line.

- Draw a thin line closest to your lashes and give it wings.

- With an angled brush, add Muse on the lower half of your lash line

- Coat lashes with mascara or add false eyelashes for a dramatic look.

Lip color: Gerard Cosmetics - Serenity & Colorpop Ultra Satin Lips - Echo Park

I had a good time creating the looks! Let me know your thoughts and the palette down below. Touch me at my social media handles, you can follow me on  @clariecuppycakes for personal updates find me @sweetsx3 for more makeup posts. Love you. 

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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Lime Crime Venus Palette

Oops I didn't managed to get hold of the recent hyped palette - THE Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. Instead I'm gonna review a palette that was released two years ago! (still not too late to jump onto the Lime Crime bandwagon.) 

Just like everyone else, I was beyond excited to hear that Too Faced is launching its first peachy toned palette. In fact I was 100% sure in getting it because my make-up collection is lacking in the orange department. But ever since its release in Singapore it has been out of stock at Sephora island-wide. Truth to be told, I've yet to see the palette in real life. Talk about legend.
At first I was so bummed because I got to know that there will be no further restocks, but now that I've dedicated some time on researching the palette, I'm thankful that the shortage actually helped kill any chance for impulse buying that I initially had. 

It's easy to go about finding dupes to the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette but most recommendations are single eye shadow pots which I didn't want the hassle to build my own. My game was just to experiment coral/peachy tone eye shadows and see how it works for me. After nights spent swimming in the sea of google searches, the Lime Crime Venus palette came to my attention and I thought it could be something that I was looking for. 


All the swatches are done using a brush instead of fingers for a more accurate gauge of the color payoffs. In fact the darker shades are obvious when swatched against my forearm as compared to the two opalescent shades (Shell and Aura). Even though they seem faint on my skin, it definitely looked better when applied directly on the lids with a layer of primer.  

The Good 

1) The palette consists of only 8 shadows. Personally I do enjoy this streamlined and small palette, I feel it's more cost-effective for consumers to go with a smaller palette knowing the purpose in every shade rather than paying for 18 shadows palette when most of the time it isn't fully utilized. With that being said, the practicality for this palette is a win for me.

2) For people who care about the planet, this palette is certified cruelty free! Yay!

3) The colors were all highly pigmented and smooth to blend out.  It's surprising that even for the shimmery shadows, it has zero to no fall-outs. 

4) Compact and fancy packaging. The cover of the palette is an illustration of Sandro Botticelli's famous painting (The Birth of Venus) which is also the name of this palette. I thought that the fancy packaging would be nice to be displayed on the vanity table. 

The Not-so-Good

1) Fakes. When you're not buying directly from the Lime Crime site, you risk paying for a fake product with a price tag of the original palette. This video by Tonia Lives brought a comparison between the real Venus palette versus a fake. Just be wary against rip offs when you're buying from places like Carousell. 

2) The only problem I had was with Aura, it seems like its the only color that creases after long hours of wearing despite having a base layer or Urban Decay primer potion. So for that, I've learned to only use Aura in small doses, like as a highlight color in the inner corners of my eyes or the center of the lids.
3) In my opinion, Muse & Venus (shades with red undertones) are the two colors that I don't see ladies holding a corporate day job would necessarily reach out to. Both colors looked too grungy for a workday look and I don't think anyone could get past an organisations' strict dress code if there is any. That would then leave you with 3/4 of the palette to play with. 

Overall, I love this palette for its aesthetics and its unique color combination. I would probably not repurchase it because I believe that Lime Crime would have more exciting new releases in future. But for now, I would be open to try out liquid lipsticks from their brand. 

Stay tuned for a makeup tutorial using the Venus palette on my next post. 

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