Sunday, April 24, 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette + Theme Park make up look

Who doesn't enjoy sweet treats for the eye and on the eyes? I know that I do! The idea of infusing cocoa powder into eye shadows was intriguing when Too Faced launched its first Chocolate palette. It still is a novelty for makeup to smell deliciously like a chocolate bar and I'm happy to know that Too Faced has extended its Chocolate series palette with Chocolate Bon Bons.

The Chocolate Bon Bons continue with its chocolate bar packaging tradition just like its previous two palettes. The light pink casing reminded me of a strawberry chocolate bar and the most attractive feature were the eye shadow filled heart-shaped pots instead of the usual rectangular or squarish pots. 

14 Colors & 2 high lighting shades 

14 Colors:

- Almond Truffle
- Cashew Chew
- Black Truffle
- Peacan Praline
- Totally Fetch
- Cafe au Lait
- Cotton Candy
- Molasses Chip
- Mocha
- Malted
- Black Currant


- Satin Sheets

- Divinity

The colors were highly pigmented, it took me two swirls on my fingers for it to transfer nicely onto my skin. However for better visibility of the colors on camera, I had to swatch twice for Almond Truffle and Divinity. All of the colors are smooth and is easy to apply on the eye and as for now I adore the combination of Mocha x Molasses Chip x Malted for a neutral look.

Keep reading till the end for a tutorial as I show you how to craft a festival/theme park makeup look.


The Chocolate Bon Bons no doubt is the palette for Spring. The combination of neutral shades and pops of pink is like a dream come true for me since I've always wanted pink shades in my palette but not as a main color. In this one, the balance for neutrals and pink shades allows you space for creating new looks and functions as a switch up for your usual everyday look.

However, when we bring versatility into the topic I feel that Bon Bons would not make the cut for being the One that you stick throughout the year or seasons. For my ladies who find absolutely no connection with the color pink then this one would definitely not appeal to you.

Theme park Make Up Look 

Inspired by the cute girls I came across while I was in Disney Sea, the most common make up sighting were their star studded cheeks. 

In this look I used the star gems (for nail art) for an extra twinkling effect. 

Colors used: 

Sprinkles, Totally Fetch & Black Currant

1) Using Sprinkles as a base color and pat it all over your lids

2) On your outer corners of your crease, pick up totally fetch and blend inwards.

3) Using black currant, gently pat a small amount closer to the lash line of the outer V of your eyes and blend. 

4) Make sure that your shadows are blended in. (False eyelashes are optional) 

5) Put on your star gems by dabbing a tiny amount of eyelash glue onto the star and place it on the high points of your cheeks. 

There you have it, a theme park make up look~ 

Comment below if you own this palette, let me know your thoughts!

Till next time,
Clarie C  xx

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Spring - The scent of fresh flowers in full bloom, the blossom of a new relationship or it's just a seasonal change, a stop over before we get to endless sunshine in Summer?  

I can't quite fathom to my need to dress for the season, well at least to dress to the colors for each season. Autumn/Winter for its dark sultry colors while Spring & Summer cheery and pastel shades. Perhaps that is just a way to keep up with the rest of the world. 

Here is some things that is a reminder that Spring has arrived.

Shades of pink

Color coordinate your makeup by incorporating shades of pink into your everyday makeup. Start with a sheer layer of shimmery pink eye shadow over the lids and using a darker shade of pink on the outer corners of your lids then seal that sexy lips with a hot pink color. Swirl your brush into your favorite pot of blusher (mine is Jill Stuart in Milky Strawberry) to add colors to the cheeks.

Here's to helping you to achieve the sweet romantic look...

1) Too Faced Sugar Pop eye shadow palette

2) Jill Stuart blusher #03 Milky Strawberry

3) EOS lip balm

4) Too Faced Melted Lipsticks (in Melted Marshmellow & Fushia) 

5) Sailormoon Eye Liner

6) Solone Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil  #06

Lilac Dreaming

When you think of spring, think of pastel colors, floral and the off the shoulder style. 

One thing that shouldn't be missed is the off shoulder style. Don't be shy to show off your pretty shoulders because this is becoming quite the hit this season. Fret not if you're lacking this key piece, pop by to your local H&M or New Look for affordable and ready to wear pieces.

This outfit is completed with a floral purse and a pair of nude heels that complements the entire color palette. 

Cherry Blossoms 

This fleetingly gorgeous flowers that bloom during the spring is short lived yet it's beauty is incomparable to some others. What better way to spend a day with your loved one  having a picnic in a park surrounded with pink trees or row a boat across the river covered in the faded pink wilted petals of the cherry blossoms. That is a nice dream, soon it would not be just a dream.

Pastel Food 

For you all Instagram lovers who are obsessed in building a feed. Fancy a pastel theme this Spring? Here are some food that is Instagram worthy but also worth to eat.

And lastly, this playlist that has subtle feel of the season. Some new songs that I kept on replay and other rediscovered old songs from my favorite artist. Enjoy~

Sunday, March 20, 2016

R U N N I N G L A T E !

Floppy hat - New Look Singapore 
Mismatched striped button up blouse - New Look Singapore 
Mini denim skirt -
Clutch - @shoptwostyles on IG 
Block heels - Zalora Singapore

You know there will be days that you wake up and stare at your wardrobe full of clothes and the thought "What do I wear? I have no clothes to wear!" runs through your head? This is so me particularly on days that I'm running late.  I try on everything that I could possibly imagined to look cute on me turn out to be a weak meh. A day like this makes it ten times harder to pull together an okay outfit much less a fabulous outfit.

Today was such a day that I conveniently threw on pieces in my closet that was crease free. Hide my tresses under a floppy hat, gather my essentials in a clutch and then rummage my shoe box to grab a pair of block heel sandals for this look. Tadaa I'm good to go!

What is your must haves on a day that you're running late that you know could never go wrong?

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A quick guide to liquid lipsticks

Before liquid lipsticks start hitting drugstores this year, let's take a look at some brands that are in the market now.

Dose of Colors, Berry Me - $37 

Berry Me is the perfect deep purple shade that I've been dreaming all about last season. The formula is a little drying but there's nothing a base layer of Mentholatum lip ice or Vaseline can't fix. However if you decide to take a skip on moisturizing your lips, be wary of getting dry and crackled lips.

I feel that to wear a product that is so creamy in texture and pigmented, it has to have an applicator that gives precision in filling in your lips. The lack of precision leaves absolutely no room for mistakes if you mess up on your first attempt.

Packaging wise is up to my satisfaction. The frosted hard plastic tube may be nothing too over the top and it doesn't look like a drugstore makeup. 
Well, it's a 2/5 because I expected them to perform better as the price range is on the higher side. Besides the applicator wand wasn't as precise that it should be. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip (Bumble, Beeper) -$13 /ea

Colourpop has one of the most extensive collection of colors ever. I got Bumble and Beeper because I was going through a phase of nudey brown lips and also the fact that my lip stick collection is missing nudey-brown shades. Bumble is a dusty warm terracotta and Beeper is a mid-tone brown that reminded me of the ladies in the 90s.

A quick tip to those who feels awkward in sporting a full on bold lip color, one way to overcome a color that comes off too strong to you on first impression, would be wearing it the ombre way. Use a lipstick that has a lighter tone as the base and dab the darker shade on the center of  your lips. That way it tones down the color for you to get used to it. Well when you're comfortable enough, rock the full lip color like you would.   
The lipstick comes in a clear plastic tube with silver fonts and details on it, which was quite a bummer when it started falling off after some time. Both my colorpop tubes looked so beat up with the faded fonts, but no complains since it's only $13.

The formula for Colorpop is smooth to spread out evenly on the lips. The lipstick presented itself in a wet liquid form but gives the matte finish after drying. But, I still want to tell you how dry it would get, so a reminder for you girls is to prep your lips with lip balm. On another note, Colorpop doesn't sit nicely throughout the day and it leaves blotches of leftover on the lips after a meal. It would be good to have your lip balm and liquid lipstick in your purse for retouching. 
I give it a 3/5 only because for $13 you can get a cheaper dupes from brands that comes with cut-throat price tags.  

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte - Serenity $21

Last year was the year of Kylie Jenner, the on-going talks about her makeup in the media and even online there were no lack of tutorials to recreate the classic Jenner look. I jumped onto the bandwagon once I got hold of the list of products used on her revealed by her very own makeup artist. It seems like from the list, the only missing key item was this lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics. Thankfully for the internet, I was able to get my hands on this since it isn't retailing in Singapore.

Serenity is a nudy pink color with hints of brown and it has got to be the most wearable nude lip color for an everyday basis. It's mellow but it doesn't wash me out and the best part of this is its' versatility that suits almost all skin colors.

Packaging wise is simple but the gold accents give it a touch of luxe to it and the formula is amazing. In terms of the ease of application, it's so smooth that it glides on easily onto the lips and it doesn't dry your lips out at all. 
I'll give it a 4/5 because I love it and I'm almost done with this tube and it's a 100% I'm repurchasing it.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick - $33

The very first liquid lipstick that I've purchased were these - Too Faced Melted series. Too Faced is the true master in packaging, you can count on them to bring together quality packaging and product.

Too Faced is the winner among the creators of liquid lipstick. A formula that has rich color pay-off, non drying on the lips and guess what it's also long lasting which is like a dream come true~ Even after a meal, the lipstick fades evenly to look like you're having tinted lips after cleaning up.

This one is a little more special as it comes in a squeeze tube packaging and a sponge tip applicator, which I consider it to be foolproof (even my 5 year old cousin could color her lips at ease with this). Simply use this in a dabbing motion to fill up your lips and you'll be good to go. This is a great product to use if ombre lips are your go-tos. 
5/5 for its awesome formula and that I've already gotten 3 of it, I wouldn't mind adding more to the collection.

That's all for now and I'm really looking forward to try out other brands as well. What about you? Are you taking on this liquid lipstick trend?

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Bra problems & fixes we wish we knew earlier

Let's face it ladies, I'm sure all of us have our fair share of bra-problems (Bra-blems) and embarrassing stories that we could relate on some levels.

Bras of a bad fit 

When I was younger, I dreaded bra shopping and because of that I always got a bra that wasn't a right fit. I had the misconception that the tighter the strap, the more support the bra has to offer. That was a time when I constantly have burns on my shoulder which were caused by the straps digging in and was stuck with ill-fitting bra that gave me boob spillage and unflattering back bulges.

That was a long time ago, eventually after a bra shopping trip with my mom, my greatest takeaway from her would be to always go for the one that gives you a full coverage if you're a busty gal. Definitely a plus if the bra has a wide band which gives you better support. Even though designs are less than cute, it's still better than being stuck with a ill fitted bra which gives you a quad-boob.

Caring for your Intimates

In my early years of owning a bra I had zero knowledge about caring for my intimates, cleaning means tossing them in the washer alongside with the pile of laundry. Clearly the spinning and drying happening in the washer did no harm to my laundry but destructed the cups of my bras. Long gone were the smooth surface, instead all I got were harsh creases and dents that I longed to get rid. After some time, my bras went through some serious wear and tear. That was when I realize machine washing is never an option for my delicate undergarments.

A simple solution for caring for your delicates would be to hand-wash it . It may be a hassle but it lasts long enough for you to invest in another new one. The last thing you want is to have the dents and bumps obvious under a fitted tee. My best advise for time saving efforts, consider washing them while taking a shower.

Below are some common bra fitting problems and quick fixes for you created by ThirdLove. (Thirdlove is a bra company that made their bras fit real women.) 

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

[T R A V E L] Khao Yai, Thailand

I'm back, I'm back! I hope everyone is well and is having a good start into the new year. Even though I'm late in greetings, here's to wishing you a to have a fulfilling & happy year. At the beginning to 2016, I kick-started the year with a trip to Thailand (Bangkok). Instead of the usual route, we added a road trip to Khao Yai to the itinerary before settling in Bangkok for the remaining days. 

Most people are familiar with Bangkok for its vibrant metropolis, while at Khao Yai it's an entirely different place to explore. It's a door to its best kept secret of the great nature and luscious greens.

When directions & driving is your forte, getting to Khao Yai is a piece of cake. If that's not the case then there are other options of bus or train that would get you there. Lucky for me, my dad is great at both and my uncle is an ace of his own. Knowing that I'm in safe hands with the perfect road trip pair means I could comfortably take naps en-route. (I'm either jamming away to songs or I'm just snoozing at the back of the car.)

Sunflower field

Where: Saraburi, Lopburi, Suphanburi
Blossom months: November to Janurary
Entrance fees: 10 baht per pax

Basking in sunshine with a backdrop full of cheery sunflowers is my dream come true! That was the leading motivation for taking two days in Khao Yai. For that to happen, our travel dates coincides the peak period (New Year's Day) which means crowds are anticipated. As Singaporeans, we're endowed with kiasu spirit, we drove out as early as 8 in the morning to reach the destination an hour later.

By 9am, we've paid for our 10 baht entrance fee and all set to snap away. By the way, we were the first in the field and it definitely pays off to get up and be there early, see how I don't have random photo bombers in my photos. Totally, worth it.

Khao Yai National Park

Entrance fee: 40 baht per pax
Vehicle fee: 50 baht

Before embarking on this trip my dad sent me videos on incidences of elephants attacking vehicles at the national park, not sure if he found it amusing or did he do it just to terrorize me. But it ain't gonna stop me from visiting this UNESCO World heritage site! From the influx of traffic going into the park, it's probably gonna spook the wildlife that wanted to make an appearance. No elephants or tigers were in sight, much to our surprise we spotted a couple of monkeys and a wild deer while making our way back.

Palio Village

For someone who has yet to set foot into Italy, inspired themed shopping places becomes a novelty. Roaming on the streets and alleyways while I dream away about getting lost and exploring in a Tuscan village.

Primo Piazza 

Entrance fee: 100 baht

Just like Palio Village, Primo Piazza is designed and themed to resemble Tuscany. This one has more photo spots set up in little corners for you, definitely the place for all of you fashionistas to get your outfit shots taken. The farm on the property is where the merinos, alpacas and donkeys can be found.

The Chocolate Factory

It is by chance that I found this restaurant for our dinner on the first night. When you travel with your parents you got to always be well-planned and know where to head to next (even if you don't at least just pretend that you've got everything together).

I mentioned that I found this by chance, true enough this place came to my knowledge when I was scrolling Instagram. So I just brought my family here without even reading reviews, but it turns out that all of us loved the food there and there were no complains. It takes

As the sun sets, the temperature took a dip which makes it perfect for alfresco dining. What's great ambiance without a good live band right? The sound of acoustic guitar accompanied by soothing vocals singing to classics like "Right Here Waiting " sets the mood. \

Years of visiting Thailand, surprises never cease and there are just too many places to explore. It came to my discovery that it's more than a shopping haven, a sun and sea holiday or a religious worship site. Every country has a charm on its own, you'll have to have a curious heart to discover and a fresh eye to see it in your unique point of view.

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