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Unemployment is like one of the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Cancer is worst but unemployment? Fuck me. The waiting process of sitting at home and waiting for job offers is grueling, going down to an interview only to find rejection e-mails sitting in my mailbox that further crush me. I haven't told this to my friends because this isn't some kind of thing that I want to stand on a soapbox to announce to the entire world but here am I sitting here writing this post. I just can't stand it anymore and I need to get it off my chest. I need new people to hear my self-depreciating jokes and my whines about being jobless. If I look on a brighter side of things, I'm probably not alone at this, but then again fuck me. I now have to window shop online and I can't afford to splurge on things. I'm not broke but there is a guilt having to spend on things I want and don't need. Ah whatever, I'm gonna go online to sell feet pics and build an empire out

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What is up, buttercup. It's 2020 and I highly doubt anymore read blogs anymore. We have progressed from the curated visuals on Instagram to Tik Tok - the great lip syncing app that E-boys & E-girls thrive on. It's been what? A good three years hiatus, and with all the free time I have now, I decided to pop by and clean up my drafts that will probably never see the light of day. The three most recent post that's sitting in my drafts is an outfit I planned in 2017, an upsetting event that happened in 2017 that I've ever since moved passed and healed from and a post where I confessed my undying love for the skies. Some quick updates for the lack thereof over the past three years. I have a gym partner now and going to the gym doesn't cause me much anxiety as it did before. I've lost weight, bounced back and lost even more. I've also chopped off my hair at some point when I was in distress. It was liberating when I did that as I've had long hair for t

Yongma Land

  ๐Ÿ“  Yongma Land, Seoul  There is beauty that lies in an abandoned establishment. All that faded paint and rusty steel that's peeking through underneath adds a little more character than it already has ( - the crowd). Picture perfect place and instagramable if you will. 


  x April: Seoul, Korea x  3 months post trip and I'm sitting here day-dreaming and planning for my next get-away, hopefully this coming fall I'll go on the next adventure. There are still so much research to be done and planning involved that I should be doing but I digress and procrastinate while searching for new music. Here are some snippets to my Spring vacation in Seoul, I'll get back to write about my favourite places and how you can get there soon.  Thanks for sticking around. 

Friendly tips to travel in style

Over the years I kept getting asked about my outfits whenever I upload my travel photos on social media and I feel that there's a need to address this before I share my visual diary for Seoul. The FAQ: 1. How do you manage to look so put together on your trips? 2. Do you buy a new wardrobe every season? 3. How often do you shop that you always look like you have new clothes all the time?  Well you asked and I'm gonna reveal all of my secrets. But first I'm gonna have to burst your bubble by managing expectations. if it ever crossed your mind that I pack light - I DON'T. Well surprise surprise, I pack abnormally more than anyone else but of course still remaining practical about the things I'm bringing along. I enjoy having a variety of things, For my trip to Japan last year, I brought with me 3 outerwears, 2 pairs of shoes and a bunch of accessories including a hat and earrings. In my opinion switching up outerwears and adding accessories would g

Intimates & Outfit Ideas for a date

Get in touch with your sexy side with Adore Me this summer. Society and mainstream media puts a definition to sexy by linking having physical traits like having chiseled abs, perky ass & boobs, is the equivalent of sexy. That is not true in my opinion because everyone can be sexy regardless of your size.Take a look at my goddess, Ashley Graham, and tell me it isn't true. Sexy isn't just all about physical traits, it is a state of mind. It's knowing what lingerie you're wearing underneath that makes you feel empowered and confident. With that said, I'm partnered with Adore Me to help you connect with your inner goddess by showing you how I style my intimates and outfits on dates. 1) Take him/her swimming on the first date Summer Date Outfit by sweetsx3 featuring a wide brim straw hat Let's kick off swim suit season with this black floral one piece swim suit. What better way to bring down the heat than to taking a dip in the ocean or jumpi

Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy  If only I could live in body suits and tulle skirts every day, this would be my uniform until the day I can't dress myself anymore. This boohoo mesh body suit is one piece that exudes sexiness without showing too much skin and its embroidered details makes it a piece so dear. It's only fitting to pair it with a forest green tulle skirt for a dark romantic twist to the outfit. This was inspired by Elie Saab's past seasons' couture looks. Details: Floral Embroidered top:  $35 Tulle skirt: ASOS Tulle Prom Skirt  $105.58 Bag: Aldo  Nude Pumps: Hush Puppies  Touch me on my social media handles listed below. You can follow me on  @clariecuppycakes  (my personal instagram) or  @sweetsx3  that for more makeup-centric posts. FACEBOOK  //  TWITTER  //   INSTAGRAM // LOOKBOOK