Saturday, April 25, 2015

[Style Me Up] Baseball Game Day Outfit

Girly x Sporty

Recently, I decided to take up the challenge by Fanatics to create an outfit for Game Day. Fanatics is an online retailer for sports apparel and merchandises, so if you're a fan who loves collecting merchandises from your favorite team, Fanatics is the way to go.
As the baseball season kick started in April, I'm sure fans of the game have already prepared to catch the game live. When watching a live game, it would be fun to wear something in support of the team you're rooting for. Be it the official jerseys or even wearing colors that represents the team. However, if jerseys are just not your thing, what should you wear?

This outfit is for the girly girls (like me) who aren't used to clad yourself entirely in sportswear, you could still support your favorite team by wearing a the official snapback and be girly at the same time. Layering a light denim jacket over a minimal white dress balances the feminine vibe to it. You could either pair it with a comfy flat shoes or platform sandals. Accessories like a statement necklace, a purse and a snapback are essential and voila, here'sthe perfect casual outfit for game day that doesn't comprise your usual style.

(Find similar snapback here)

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

1 2 A P R I L ' 1 5

 [我相信! 醉心龍虎榜街頭爆唱會 Live In Singapore]

I'd probably gonna remember 2015 as a year of great concerts. I had Ed Sheeran last month and then in April, I have Magic Power x Della x Jia Jia in Singapore for a joint concert, hosted in collaboration with BinMusic & our local radio station. The lineup itself is already enticing and what makes it even better is that it's FREE. The best things in life comes free to us, ain't it?

I've been to past shows by Magic Power before and I absolutely love their energy. Well in Asian context, besides Mayday, Magic Power has got to be one of my favourite bands. Don't even get me started on the last time my friends and I coincidentally met them but didn't get to ask for a photo. I could go on and on for that. Read it HERE!
It's my first catching Della and Jia Jia perform live and I've been waiting all night for them to sing my favorite songs. Their songs are often paired up with TV serials, so if you're familiar with Taiwanese drama and mainland China's dramas, you probably would know a few of their songs.

Previously he talked about how people in the past were criticizing about his looks that hurt his self-esteem, which made him decide to stay hidden behind a pair of shades for all these years during on-stage performances. Towards the end of the concert, he switched to his sunglasses for a pair of clear eye glasses which I was quite happy about because I could be sure that when I shook his hands he did look me in the eye and say thank you. Anyway, he looks as gorgeous even without the sunglasses! Well in my opinion, he has pretty eyes, an artistic full sleeved tattoo arm, a creative mind and soul and a beautiful heart. Even though he made peace with himself, I wished people were nicer and less critical about it.  

Before the concert ended, my camera died on me. That was like the best day yet it ended on a shitty note. Oh that's just life, right?

On a side note, I'll be going Imagine Dragons' Concert in August! SAY WHUT! Kinda stoked for August already, I have Kodaline first and then Imagine Dragons. Geez, now I sound like a music geek.

Love you BFF, even though you posted a not so flattering photo of me on my birthday! It's okay because, revenge is sweet. 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life in Squares : March Edition

A summary of my Instagram feed in March. A little bit of indulging in good food, outfit of the day as well as concert experience. 

1. Follia Italian Restaurant 

On days that I wanna have an exquisite meal, I'll visit my favorite lunch spot - Follia Italian Restaurant. You can find set lunches but if that's for you, they have a variety to choose from the a-la-carte menu. Appetizers are a huge deal for me, I feel that for a restaurant to create an impression, at the very least they MUST have good appetizers. For starters, mushroom soup is one that I use it as a gauge. It's a simple dish but I've tasted disappointment. (Restaurants serving instant Campbell soup is just a big no). I love my soup to be richly flavored, with chunky bits of mushrooms added for taste. 
Imagine my happiness when I found my ideal mushroom soup at Follia~ I'm so going back again one of the days.   

2. Arteastiq

Mandarin Gallery has pretty cool restaurants/cafes. I've tried Wild Honey and some others but not Arteastiq. I've always been intrigued by their concept like how it's a cafe yet on the other side there's a painting space. I might even try out the painting space in future, because it looks like a fun and special place to just hang out with friends (Channeling your inner Picasso).
I actually like the way they display food as well as the dainty vintage teacups. (I'm quite a sucker for nice kitchenware) People who love posting food photos would definitely love Arteastiq.

3. Godiva Icecream

Soft served ice-cream is one of my weak spot. As usual, I'm fickle and I couldn't decide on the flavor, so I made the best of both worlds decision by getting the combination of  White Choc x Dark Choc.
Loved it! Just $8 for swirls of happiness, so why not?

1. Make up Mess of my current go-to items 

Added two new palettes into my collection. On the left is The Return of Sexy by Too Faced while on the right is Vice 3 by Urban Decay. Vice 3 is reserved for days that I'm feeling bold. You know how sometimes sticking to one palette could get boring? Yup, I was having one of those meh days before I realize that I should spice up my palette collection a little. That increases chances of me experimenting different looks.  
For a month or so, I've been stuck to The Return of Sexy. I usually use this on a lazy day or on days that I'm running late. It has three color schemes for you to play with and my favorite is the purple one which I think it goes super well with my Nars Lipstick in Michyo and Schiap (also in photo). This palette is more on the shimmery side and that makes blending feels like a breeze as compared to matte ones. That is why it's the best to use it on days that I don't have much time for make-up. 

2. Ed Sheeran's Concert 

You can read about my concert experience HERE

 And lastly, the passing of our founding father - Lee Kuan Yew
March ended off in gloom. Spent a close to 6 hour wait in queue to pay my last respects to him because that's the least I could do. Here is a wall where people wrote their condolences and messages for him on display. 

I need some help guys! Recently my Samsung camera broke down on me and I'm in need of advice on what camera I should get next. I'm still in the middle of a struggle of whether should I settle for Canon or Nikon. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me, I'm all ears

With love, 
Clarie C. 

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Friday, April 03, 2015


Bold & fiery - you probably already know about my obsession with red and cold shoulder/cut out tops by now, surprisingly I haven't grown out of it yet. 
Styled the flowy top with a short wrapped skirt for a more casual look but to make this outfit more appropriate for a work day, simply switch it up to a midi pencil skirt. A pencil skirt is just this wonderful piece that instantaneously make an outfit more polished and professional. For accessories, I chose to go with a pair of statement earrings and this classic black leather bag that which I got it as a present for Christmas.  

I'm exceptionally proud of my studded heels from Zalora. I had my eyes on it the moment I saw them but they were quite pricey in my opinion. So I played the waiting game, saved the items on my wishlist and kept it in my cart. Much to my delight after weeks passed, the price actually dropped and they still have it in my size! *fist pumps* It's destined to go to my shoe collection. In the end, it only cost me $20 to bag that pair of gorgeous heels. I live for cheap thrills! 
Mom's shopping tips on playing the waiting game is something that everyone should keep in mind. Especially when you're on a budget, if you can wait, why not? 

It was a rather breezy day while taking my outfit shots, there were quite a few shots that the wind had my hair in my face. These are the final two I picked out and they were the few that I thought that were well captured. You know, the perfect timing where my ruffled sleeves are flowing and I wasn't eating my hair. 

Also, I'd be going to Kodaline's concert in August! I got lucky in getting the early bird tickets for $98. (The regular tickets were more expensive btw.)

So, it's either be an early bird to grab the promotional price or play the waiting game for the sale to come to you. Either ways, happy shopping my friends. (Don't forget to share with me on where you get that good deal from!) 

With love, 
Clarie Cuppycakes. 

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ed Sheeran's X Tour - Singapore

When I told my bestfriend that I would be going to Ed Sheeran's concert alone, she thought that I was crazy to do such a thing alone and that it's a milestone for me. Well, I do admit that I'm a hermit in some ways but I consider myself to be independent. I could do stuff alone but I'm someone who wouldn't go to the movies by myself, let alone a concert.
But this still has to work out since my concert companion couldn't make it. My brother was supposed to be there and his SAF schedule just happened to clash with the concert date. What a bummer!!! (P.S. He is a bigger fan of Ed Sheeran than me)
But yeah, going to a concert alone isn't that big of a deal because nobody would judge you for being a loner (at least for me). It's a gathering for music lovers, if anything you'd feel more connected with these strangers and you'd probably be too busy having the time of your lives grooving and dancing the night away than to focus on how lonely or alone you are.

Photo credit me if you're taking any images out! 

It has been a great Saturday night all thanks to the amazing Ed Sheeran. I'm so stoked about being able to watch him perform live and still feeling so giddy with joy. To be honest, I couldn't quite recall the setlist but I'm sure that I had a wonderful time.This is of how I like concerts to be, no fanciful staging works or outfits, just good old Ed with his trusty guitars and looping station. Every sound is just so genuine and I absolutely loved every moment of it.

I shall ease my post-concert depression with more Ed Sheeran's song. Starting with 'Photograph'.

Next up would be Kodaline's first ever show in Singapore! Just got news that they would be coming in August and I'm already so pumped up about it!!! Who's excited? Cos I am!

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Monday, March 09, 2015

Neon Lights

Clarie's Closet: 

Black tee (New Look) // Neon textured skirt (Topshop) // Boots (Wanda Panda) // Book Clutch (BKK)// Parka (Bugis Street) 

Layering! To be able to wear layers has got to be something that I always look forward to. I cannot hide my envy of people living in countries that has four seasons because it makes layering so much more reasonable than in scotching hot Singapore.
But well, this didn't stop me from draping this light weighted parka over my shoulders as a form of adding layers. Truth is, the heat was killing me! I have only worn the parka out once on a rainy day and I look forward to more future rainy days (Then, I could cozy up in my parka).

This pair of lovely boots were gotten from a warehouse sale which in my opinion was worth every penny! Being able to walk around comfortably and not giving me blisters has been a plus. There, I can now strike off  'a pair of comfy trusty boots' off my long-running shopping list.

Laters baby,
Clarie C.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Classic Red.

Outfit details: Hat (H&M) // Earrings (Lovisa) // Top & Skirt (New Look) // Heels (Everbest) // Handbag // Toscano 

Happy Lunar New Year folks~

It's the season that you get to indulge in tidbits and have a great feast and catch up with your family & friends, among all there's also the unavoidable distant relatives who would shoot you a couple of awkward questions.
This year, I had two relatives who wished for me to get a boyfriend soon. Haha. Thanks but I just laughed it off like I always did.

Comparing to previous year, I've been so complacent in putting together outfits for this occasion. Perhaps I'm just wasn't feeling it. Funny how I recalled saving some new pieces from my past shopping trip but it ended up not being good enough and my shipment from ASOS couldn't arrive on time. I ended up frantically hunting for new clothes a week before the day.

For all of my outfits, I went for dark hues with a pop of color. Decked in red blouse and a striped midi skirt. Accessorized with a fedora hat, dainty handbag, a couple of my go-to bangles and a pair of statement earrings and I completed my look with a classic red lip.

I'm not sure how many people actually has a red top in their closet but after having this piece I am seriously considering adding more red tones into mine. Mainly because I thought that the colour red
makes it appropriate for joyous occasion, complements my skintone and that it looks fabulous in photos. Well, if it makes you look good, it sure is a staple and a must-have in your closet!

Oh and by the way, I got featured on NewLook Singapore's instagram page~ Once again, thank you NewLook Singapore for the feature!

With much love,
Clarie C.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The thing about returning from a trip is that I can't wait to get away on another one. That is if only travelling is inexpensive or even better, free. Pretty sure that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. The purpose for this trip to Koh Samui is to unwind and escape from the bustling city life, that was why our choice of the villa has to be located up the hills, up and distant from the crowd. Well for the basics, unwinding for me was to have guilt-free and 'alarm-clock-less' sleep. While doing that, I happened to break my diet by engorge myself in yummy street food & seafood.  Shopping was done either in  BigC or Tesco for groceries and fruits!
All we did was to cook and have Suits marathon and followed by a dip in the pool.
Even though I came back with fresh mozzie bites on both my legs, I definitely missed the place when I looked back at the photos.

The part of me that has OCD secretly love seeing everything arranged neatly.

There are probably more photos and the rest are on my Facebook album. Feel free to pop by if you wanna see more. 

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