Sunday, May 14, 2017

Intimates & Outfit Ideas for a date

Get in touch with your sexy side with Adore Me this summer. Society and mainstream media puts a definition to sexy by linking having physical traits like having chiseled abs, perky ass & boobs, is the equivalent of sexy.

That is not true in my opinion because everyone can be sexy regardless of your size.Take a look at my goddess, Ashley Graham, and tell me it isn't true. Sexy isn't just all about physical traits, it is a state of mind. It's knowing what lingerie you're wearing underneath that makes you feel empowered and confident. With that said, I'm partnered with Adore Me to help you connect with your inner goddess by showing you how I style my intimates and outfits on dates.

1) Take him/her swimming on the first date
Summer Date Outfit

Let's kick off swim suit season with this black floral one piece swim suit. What better way to bring down the heat than to taking a dip in the ocean or jumping right into the pool? Who cares if your body isn't swim suit ready, all you need is to find a swimsuit that fits you. This is for my gorgeous ladies whose confidence radiate brighter than the sun. The plunging neckline and curve enhancing statement of this one piece (Vianna Plus) swimsuit. you're set to slay this summer.

2) Movie Night in a pillow fort 
Movie Night

Making movie night a little more special by building a pillow fort for the both of you, throw in some mood lighting, play some good movies and it's a romantic date stemmed from a kiddy idea. On a cute date like this I'd put on a slinky wrap front playsuit for comfort and a matching set of navy blue lingerie (Azura Contour Plus) underneath.

The Azura Countour plus set is everything that I love, its straps are convertible which you can simply wear it strapless with an off shoulder top and the five hook and eye closure give a better back support for us bustier girls.

Hopefully this post inspires you to embrace your sexy side, check out Adore Me to view their extensive line of lingerie

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  1. Heyy nice and cool intimate ideas ... great thing is that you can buy lingerie online without hesitations to give as a gift to someone