Monday, August 01, 2016

Jumpsuits, The Things Nobody Told You.

The classy one piece that could be arguably the most effortless look anyone can pull off for a girls' night out or a formal work day. But what do we know about the miseries behind ladies who somehow still managed to keep it together till the end of the day in a snugly fitted jumpsuit?

1. How do you pee in this damn thing?

Obviously there is no classy way to take a piss when you're in a jumpsuit. All of this happen in slow motion, it takes patience and a bunch of coordination to disrobe and hold up the pants dearly to avoid dragging it across the bathroom flooring. From my experience I can easily tell you that in a toilet emergency kind of situation, the entire process has to be sped up x4 but the actual feeling of disrobing to landing your butt on the toilet seat feels almost like a 110 metres hurdle race that you're about to lose.

2. Can I still pull off a jumpsuit if I'm lesser than a 1.8m?

How about this, I stand at 1.65m and that's 5'5" which in my opinion isn't very tall at all. When you're my height it would be a bonus to find your size at a petite section of the store, but little did we know most clothing companies' petite section sizes ends at a UK 14 which they completely missed out the fact that a petite girl could be a UK 16 or larger.

Here's the good news, there are two ways to this,
a. wearing sky high platform shoes to elevate yourself or
b. just get it hemmed

Me being me, I'm flat shoes all day kinda girl I went for option b - Getting it hemmed. Lucky for me,  my jumpsuit that was purchased from Dorothy Perkins offers alteration services at $8 that takes 3 working days tops. Pretty efficient I'd say.

3. Can I just buy this off the internet?

Erm yes and no. Sure if you're a risk taker and no if you like being on the safe side. I think one piece suits (rompers included) are tricky! It's not something I'd willingly jump into purchase, wait 2 weeks for its arrival and then disappointingly send it back when it doesn't fit. It takes up too much time and I have enough disappointing buys still sitting in my closet to know better.

A good one piece jump suit would pass the squat test, those that didn't would look unflattering on your body, especially at the crotch and butt area. Imagine the embarrassment having to fix your crotch area every step you take. While you're new to one pieces, I'd highly suggest to going to a physical store to fit. If you're a bigger girl like me, check out Dorothy Perkins for sizes UK 14 and up. Have fun exploring and expanding your closet.

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  1. You look so stunning! Xx