Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette

As promised I'm here to deliver my review on my current go-to palette - Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Without further ado let's jump into the review! In this palette you will get a total of 14 gorgeous shades that consist of 11 mattes and 3 metallic shades. The colors are the perfect blend of neutral and berry tones which is comparable to Violet Voss' Holy Grail palette. I can't speak for the quality for Violet Voss' palette but if you're not about trashing your money in a beauty product ($120), this is a fabulous choice of quality at $75.

Tempera: matte beige. 
Golden Ochre: matte earthy-yellow matte
Vermeer: metallic iridescent shell 
Buon Fresco: antique lavender 
Antique Bronze: metallic sable
Love Letter: matte raspberry
Cyprus Umber: matte dark coffee 
Raw Sienna: matte neutral amber
Burnt Orange: matte deep orange 
Primavera: shimmery gold
Red Ochre: matte sienna 
Venetian Red: matte crimson 
Warm Taupe: matte earthy grey
Realgar: matte brick

Things I Love: 

The bold color combination was what drove me to add it to my collection, I thought that the mix of berry, orange and neutrals were fresher than the massively produced neutral palettes. It comes as no surprise that the colors I reach out most to are Realgar, Burnt Orange, Love Letter and Antique Bronze. This palette has the smoothest texture, almost feels butter-like. High quality eye-shadows are always a breeze to work with because you wouldn't have to blend until your arms fall off!

Also, kudos to you if you pay attention to what goes on your face by reading ingredient lists behind products. You might recognize that this palette is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Things I didn't like:

The biggest complain for me would be the packaging and the brush that came along with it. It was disappointing because it reminded me of the first Naked palette which in my opinion has the worst packaging out of the Naked series. Similarly the Modern Renaissance palette uses a cardboard box lined with a dusty pink felt and I'm sad to say that this material will never hold up to time. Judging from my Naked palette I know that at the end of the day, dust and dirt would sit and ruin the cover entirely.

Well it's thoughtful for a brand to include a brush for the palette, but for this I feel that I could do without it since it doesn't add value for my experience. While it's a nice gesture to have a brush going along with the palette, I feel for this the expenses used for the brush could be allocated to build a better packaging to house all of these beautiful shadows.


It's true that I rarely get excited at new palette releases, this was the only one that I have been looking forward to hold it in my hands. Now I can safely telll you that I love the Modern Renaissance palette with all my heart for living up to my expectations. If only you knew the times I bought hyped up products only to be disappointed, then try so hard to reason and give it some love before realizing that it was a horrible buy that we as consumers have been talked into.

This was my first ABH purchase and I wouldn't mind trying out palettes from this line if they are going to be consistent with their quality but if once I hit pan for one of these I would instantly re-purchase this.

(Colors used: Buon Fresco, Love Letter, Antique Bronze, Primavera) 

(Colors used: Warm Taupe, Burnt Orange, Realgar, Vermeer) 

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