Sunday, June 05, 2016

[WHAT TO WEAR?] Black Tie Events

To receive an invitation to a black tie event could be incredibly frustrating, especially for women who doesn't have evening gowns sitting around in the closet. Unless fairy god-mother is on your side to magically transform your basic dresses or you're Olivia Palermo who I believe has an amazing wardrobe ready for every event. But I guess we're neither, so let me introduce Sherry London to you. Sherry London, an online boutique based in the UK, has wide ranges of evening dresses for formal event. It isn't exactly fairy godmother but its close enough, at least it'll save you from potential fashion headache.

For a black tie event the first rule of thumb is to be dressy. According to veteran fashion guru Tim Gunn, black tie event doesn't necessarily mean going in a floor length gown. As opposed to traditional standards, matching separates and cocktail dresses fits perfectly in a formal setting today. One thing to always keep in mind, luxurious textiles are a great deal to making a formal looking dress. What if the invitation doesn't explicitly states the dress code? Simply factor in venue, time & purpose of the event when determining the length and style of your dress. They may be huge clues that could help you in your dress selection process. Now, if you don't wanna run the risk of being under-dressed, here is a guide to some dresses for a black tie event.

2) Pastel Evening Dresses  

 "It doesn't have to black, colors and prints work too"- Martha Ward (Stylist)

3) For my curvy ladies, there is a curvy section just for you! 

Good luck! Hopefully you'd find a dress that suit your body type for the occasion. 

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