Tuesday, June 14, 2016


As a follow-up post from my Lime Crime Venus palette review, below are 2 looks that I've created.

Colors used: Divine, Rebirth, Shell & Aura 

- Using my Zoeva 225 brush, pick up Divine and in a swiping motion apply it on the sockets of your eyes (above your crease).

- Gently pat Shell using an eyeshadow brush onto the entire eyelid.

- With my Zoeva 230 pencil brush, apply Rebirth on the outerV of my eye.

- Using Aura as a highlight color, apply in the inner corners of the eyes and at the center of the eyelids. 

- Draw your cat eye and wing it! 

- Apply mascara or false lashes for extra glam.  

Lip color: Laura Mercier Velour Lovers in Infatuation & Tarteist lip paint in So Fetch.

TIP: Avoid using Rebirth above the crease if your goal is to look as natural as possible. A bright crease color may give you the effects of puffy eyes. 

Colors used: Creation, Divine, Icon
(3ce one color shadown: Gold Shower) 

- Place Creation slightly above the original double eyelid and map it out using a flat brush. By drawing a 'new' crease that cuts from a higher point, gives an illusion of a deeper set of double eyelids.

- Using Divine blend away any harsh edges

- To complete the cut crease, apply Icon on the outer corner creating a wing that connects to the cut crease.

- Using my Zoeva 225 brush, blend out to blur out any harsh lines.

- Using a flat eye shadow brush, pat in to fill the spaces on the entire eyelids using 3CE's Gold Shower. On the same brush pat some of the glitter on to the lower lash line.

- Draw a thin line closest to your lashes and give it wings.

- With an angled brush, add Muse on the lower half of your lash line

- Coat lashes with mascara or add false eyelashes for a dramatic look.

Lip color: Gerard Cosmetics - Serenity & Colorpop Ultra Satin Lips - Echo Park

I had a good time creating the looks! Let me know your thoughts and the palette down below. Touch me at my social media handles, you can follow me on  @clariecuppycakes for personal updates find me @sweetsx3 for more makeup posts. Love you. 

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  1. Love your makeup. So beautiful. And your earrings are amazing. I wanna one pair to suit my cheap homecoming dresses.