Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Lime Crime Venus Palette

Oops I didn't managed to get hold of the recent hyped palette - THE Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. Instead I'm gonna review a palette that was released two years ago! (still not too late to jump onto the Lime Crime bandwagon.) 

Just like everyone else, I was beyond excited to hear that Too Faced is launching its first peachy toned palette. In fact I was 100% sure in getting it because my make-up collection is lacking in the orange department. But ever since its release in Singapore it has been out of stock at Sephora island-wide. Truth to be told, I've yet to see the palette in real life. Talk about legend.
At first I was so bummed because I got to know that there will be no further restocks, but now that I've dedicated some time on researching the palette, I'm thankful that the shortage actually helped kill any chance for impulse buying that I initially had. 

It's easy to go about finding dupes to the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette but most recommendations are single eye shadow pots which I didn't want the hassle to build my own. My game was just to experiment coral/peachy tone eye shadows and see how it works for me. After nights spent swimming in the sea of google searches, the Lime Crime Venus palette came to my attention and I thought it could be something that I was looking for. 


All the swatches are done using a brush instead of fingers for a more accurate gauge of the color payoffs. In fact the darker shades are obvious when swatched against my forearm as compared to the two opalescent shades (Shell and Aura). Even though they seem faint on my skin, it definitely looked better when applied directly on the lids with a layer of primer.  

The Good 

1) The palette consists of only 8 shadows. Personally I do enjoy this streamlined and small palette, I feel it's more cost-effective for consumers to go with a smaller palette knowing the purpose in every shade rather than paying for 18 shadows palette when most of the time it isn't fully utilized. With that being said, the practicality for this palette is a win for me.

2) For people who care about the planet, this palette is certified cruelty free! Yay!

3) The colors were all highly pigmented and smooth to blend out.  It's surprising that even for the shimmery shadows, it has zero to no fall-outs. 

4) Compact and fancy packaging. The cover of the palette is an illustration of Sandro Botticelli's famous painting (The Birth of Venus) which is also the name of this palette. I thought that the fancy packaging would be nice to be displayed on the vanity table. 

The Not-so-Good

1) Fakes. When you're not buying directly from the Lime Crime site, you risk paying for a fake product with a price tag of the original palette. This video by Tonia Lives brought a comparison between the real Venus palette versus a fake. Just be wary against rip offs when you're buying from places like Carousell. 

2) The only problem I had was with Aura, it seems like its the only color that creases after long hours of wearing despite having a base layer or Urban Decay primer potion. So for that, I've learned to only use Aura in small doses, like as a highlight color in the inner corners of my eyes or the center of the lids.
3) In my opinion, Muse & Venus (shades with red undertones) are the two colors that I don't see ladies holding a corporate day job would necessarily reach out to. Both colors looked too grungy for a workday look and I don't think anyone could get past an organisations' strict dress code if there is any. That would then leave you with 3/4 of the palette to play with. 

Overall, I love this palette for its aesthetics and its unique color combination. I would probably not repurchase it because I believe that Lime Crime would have more exciting new releases in future. But for now, I would be open to try out liquid lipsticks from their brand. 

Stay tuned for a makeup tutorial using the Venus palette on my next post. 

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