Thursday, May 05, 2016

What's in my makeup pouch & Organizing yours

A girl's makeup bag has to be that one thing that I'd be game to raid. If given a chance to raid someone else's personal belongings, I'd pick makeup bags over wallets. Makeup bags reveals a lot about a person, personal hygiene and probably the best unconventional products that you've never heard of. Today you'd catch a glimpse of my makeup bag and I'll share with you that one tip I've stuck by to help you organize yours.

1) The formula

That is the ultimate formula to your make-up bag not getting overloaded with unwanted stuff. Step one would be to categorize your stuff into staples vs variables.

Staples are your essentially everyday must-haves. To know what your staples are, ask yourself this, which part of your make-up you need to fix by mid-day? Can your lip color get through meals without retouches? Will your winged liner last you till the night? If your answer to all the questions are yes, that means lip-sticks and eyeliner are your staples and these items should be in your make-up bag all the time.

Variables are items that would or wouldn't appear in your pouch at all times, it usually depends on your makeup for the day. Let's say if you're heading for a nights out and you've put on false lashes for extra glamour then the eyelash glue be at your reach (just in case your lashes fall out),but lashes aren't in your everyday routine, then I'd say to drop the eyelash glue as a staple.

Everyone's staples and variables is different. Since I'd usually pair my lip color to the overall make up, I wouldn't use the same lipsticks everyday, so for me they're a variable but they could be a staple for some people.

2) Determining the size of your make-up bag

Makeup bag

Okay now that you've gotten your items sorted out, it's time to pack the items into your bag. Above are some makeup bags selection you may want to put into consideration.

3) Packing it

Staples vs Variables 


1. Bath & Body works pocketbac hand sanitizer
2. Deep Moist Metholathum lip balm
3. Crabtree & Evelyn handcream
4. One drop (toilet deodorizer)
5. Travel sized spray perfume (contents: Chloe)
6. Travel sized brushes
7. Brow pencil & Eyeliner


1. Tester size Tarte Amazonian clay 12 hour blush
2. Sephora miniature eye shadow
3. 3CE matte lipstick in Chu Chu
4. Urban Decay Perversion mascara

This is what my make up bag looks like, do take note this isn't my make-up routine in its entirety but these are my top picks of what I needed most that's so important for me to carry by my side everyday. Seriously, the space in your bag/makeup bag is very precious, we can't possibly cast a undetectable extension charm on it and therefore anything that is  bulky (e.g. a full naked palette) should be avoided. 

Here comes the beauty of travel sized items. It's never because of its fun size that makes it oh-so-cute but its compact size makes a great fit for your makeup bag. Guess what, miniatures and sample size containers aren't that hard to get, I got mine from Sephora & Sasa. So the next time you think of carrying your favourite bottle of perfume just because you'd gonna need it after a Korean BBQ session, just pump it into the mini glass spray container and you can drop it in your makeup bag. Now, organizing your makeup bag is a piece of cake right? 

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