Monday, May 30, 2016

[OOTD] Cropped Talks

Denim jacket: Dorothy Perkins Crop top: h&mPants: Zara Furry earrings: Louvisa Pointed flats: PazzionBag: Tocco Tenerro 

As a larger girl, I tend put myself in a box when it comes to clothing. I have this unrealistically long list of clothes to avoid versus another that ideally fits what a fat girl should wear. Growing up, I was shamed because my size was always on the larger side of the scale. Over the years of being conditioned by society and people around me that I should cover up - crop tops, tanks tops, bikinis, tulle skirts essentially became part of this avoid list. Along the way, I've unknowingly only wore pieces that covered or somehow hide body parts I didn't want people to draw attention to. I could vividly recall from my younger days dressing from head to toe in black just to stay hidden and because they say loud colors and fat people don't go well together. All of that background noise sure didn't help in positively projected my body and my self-image at all.

Fast forward to today, I'm still working on myself. There'd be days that I accidentally let myself slip into that downward spiral because of what someone said but I've learned to not dwell on it for days anymore. Through this process, I've discovered one of my favorite YouTuber & body positivist Meghan Tonjes. She's one of my role models and this video was what inspired to put together this outfit, everything that I have illogical fears of. The next time someone makes an unwanted comment about your body, you can choose to ignore it or just end it in a true Tonjes style 'Congratulations, you have eyes.'

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