Sunday, April 24, 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette + Theme Park make up look

Who doesn't enjoy sweet treats for the eye and on the eyes? I know that I do! The idea of infusing cocoa powder into eye shadows was intriguing when Too Faced launched its first Chocolate palette. It still is a novelty for makeup to smell deliciously like a chocolate bar and I'm happy to know that Too Faced has extended its Chocolate series palette with Chocolate Bon Bons.

The Chocolate Bon Bons continue with its chocolate bar packaging tradition just like its previous two palettes. The light pink casing reminded me of a strawberry chocolate bar and the most attractive feature were the eye shadow filled heart-shaped pots instead of the usual rectangular or squarish pots. 

14 Colors & 2 high lighting shades 

14 Colors:

- Almond Truffle
- Cashew Chew
- Black Truffle
- Peacan Praline
- Totally Fetch
- Cafe au Lait
- Cotton Candy
- Molasses Chip
- Mocha
- Malted
- Black Currant


- Satin Sheets

- Divinity

The colors were highly pigmented, it took me two swirls on my fingers for it to transfer nicely onto my skin. However for better visibility of the colors on camera, I had to swatch twice for Almond Truffle and Divinity. All of the colors are smooth and is easy to apply on the eye and as for now I adore the combination of Mocha x Molasses Chip x Malted for a neutral look.

Keep reading till the end for a tutorial as I show you how to craft a festival/theme park makeup look.


The Chocolate Bon Bons no doubt is the palette for Spring. The combination of neutral shades and pops of pink is like a dream come true for me since I've always wanted pink shades in my palette but not as a main color. In this one, the balance for neutrals and pink shades allows you space for creating new looks and functions as a switch up for your usual everyday look.

However, when we bring versatility into the topic I feel that Bon Bons would not make the cut for being the One that you stick throughout the year or seasons. For my ladies who find absolutely no connection with the color pink then this one would definitely not appeal to you.

Theme park Make Up Look 

Inspired by the cute girls I came across while I was in Disney Sea, the most common make up sighting were their star studded cheeks. 

In this look I used the star gems (for nail art) for an extra twinkling effect. 

Colors used: 

Sprinkles, Totally Fetch & Black Currant

1) Using Sprinkles as a base color and pat it all over your lids

2) On your outer corners of your crease, pick up totally fetch and blend inwards.

3) Using black currant, gently pat a small amount closer to the lash line of the outer V of your eyes and blend. 

4) Make sure that your shadows are blended in. (False eyelashes are optional) 

5) Put on your star gems by dabbing a tiny amount of eyelash glue onto the star and place it on the high points of your cheeks. 

There you have it, a theme park make up look~ 

Comment below if you own this palette, let me know your thoughts!

Till next time,
Clarie C  xx

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