Sunday, March 20, 2016

R U N N I N G L A T E !

Floppy hat - New Look Singapore 
Mismatched striped button up blouse - New Look Singapore 
Mini denim skirt -
Clutch - @shoptwostyles on IG 
Block heels - Zalora Singapore

You know there will be days that you wake up and stare at your wardrobe full of clothes and the thought "What do I wear? I have no clothes to wear!" runs through your head? This is so me particularly on days that I'm running late.  I try on everything that I could possibly imagined to look cute on me turn out to be a weak meh. A day like this makes it ten times harder to pull together an okay outfit much less a fabulous outfit.

Today was such a day that I conveniently threw on pieces in my closet that was crease free. Hide my tresses under a floppy hat, gather my essentials in a clutch and then rummage my shoe box to grab a pair of block heel sandals for this look. Tadaa I'm good to go!

What is your must haves on a day that you're running late that you know could never go wrong?

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  1. All those little details in your outfit (especially the buttons!) make it look soooo nice and not rushed at all :D

    The hat is super great too <3 love it so much : )

    1. Haha. You can never imagine how flustered I was at the start of the day. :D
      Thank you for visiting <3