Friday, February 05, 2016

Bra problems & fixes we wish we knew earlier

Let's face it ladies, I'm sure all of us have our fair share of bra-problems (Bra-blems) and embarrassing stories that we could relate on some levels.

Bras of a bad fit 

When I was younger, I dreaded bra shopping and because of that I always got a bra that wasn't a right fit. I had the misconception that the tighter the strap, the more support the bra has to offer. That was a time when I constantly have burns on my shoulder which were caused by the straps digging in and was stuck with ill-fitting bra that gave me boob spillage and unflattering back bulges.

That was a long time ago, eventually after a bra shopping trip with my mom, my greatest takeaway from her would be to always go for the one that gives you a full coverage if you're a busty gal. Definitely a plus if the bra has a wide band which gives you better support. Even though designs are less than cute, it's still better than being stuck with a ill fitted bra which gives you a quad-boob.

Caring for your Intimates

In my early years of owning a bra I had zero knowledge about caring for my intimates, cleaning means tossing them in the washer alongside with the pile of laundry. Clearly the spinning and drying happening in the washer did no harm to my laundry but destructed the cups of my bras. Long gone were the smooth surface, instead all I got were harsh creases and dents that I longed to get rid. After some time, my bras went through some serious wear and tear. That was when I realize machine washing is never an option for my delicate undergarments.

A simple solution for caring for your delicates would be to hand-wash it . It may be a hassle but it lasts long enough for you to invest in another new one. The last thing you want is to have the dents and bumps obvious under a fitted tee. My best advise for time saving efforts, consider washing them while taking a shower.

Below are some common bra fitting problems and quick fixes for you created by ThirdLove. (Thirdlove is a bra company that made their bras fit real women.) 

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  1. Amazing post <3
    I wish this was something that they'd taught us in sex education or something :'D

    1. Yes, it's so important but somehow these were often overlooked. :)