Sunday, January 24, 2016

[T R A V E L] Khao Yai, Thailand

I'm back, I'm back! I hope everyone is well and is having a good start into the new year. Even though I'm late in greetings, here's to wishing you a to have a fulfilling & happy year. At the beginning to 2016, I kick-started the year with a trip to Thailand (Bangkok). Instead of the usual route, we added a road trip to Khao Yai to the itinerary before settling in Bangkok for the remaining days. 

Most people are familiar with Bangkok for its vibrant metropolis, while at Khao Yai it's an entirely different place to explore. It's a door to its best kept secret of the great nature and luscious greens.

When directions & driving is your forte, getting to Khao Yai is a piece of cake. If that's not the case then there are other options of bus or train that would get you there. Lucky for me, my dad is great at both and my uncle is an ace of his own. Knowing that I'm in safe hands with the perfect road trip pair means I could comfortably take naps en-route. (I'm either jamming away to songs or I'm just snoozing at the back of the car.)

Sunflower field

Where: Saraburi, Lopburi, Suphanburi
Blossom months: November to Janurary
Entrance fees: 10 baht per pax

Basking in sunshine with a backdrop full of cheery sunflowers is my dream come true! That was the leading motivation for taking two days in Khao Yai. For that to happen, our travel dates coincides the peak period (New Year's Day) which means crowds are anticipated. As Singaporeans, we're endowed with kiasu spirit, we drove out as early as 8 in the morning to reach the destination an hour later.

By 9am, we've paid for our 10 baht entrance fee and all set to snap away. By the way, we were the first in the field and it definitely pays off to get up and be there early, see how I don't have random photo bombers in my photos. Totally, worth it.

Khao Yai National Park

Entrance fee: 40 baht per pax
Vehicle fee: 50 baht

Before embarking on this trip my dad sent me videos on incidences of elephants attacking vehicles at the national park, not sure if he found it amusing or did he do it just to terrorize me. But it ain't gonna stop me from visiting this UNESCO World heritage site! From the influx of traffic going into the park, it's probably gonna spook the wildlife that wanted to make an appearance. No elephants or tigers were in sight, much to our surprise we spotted a couple of monkeys and a wild deer while making our way back.

Palio Village

For someone who has yet to set foot into Italy, inspired themed shopping places becomes a novelty. Roaming on the streets and alleyways while I dream away about getting lost and exploring in a Tuscan village.

Primo Piazza 

Entrance fee: 100 baht

Just like Palio Village, Primo Piazza is designed and themed to resemble Tuscany. This one has more photo spots set up in little corners for you, definitely the place for all of you fashionistas to get your outfit shots taken. The farm on the property is where the merinos, alpacas and donkeys can be found.

The Chocolate Factory

It is by chance that I found this restaurant for our dinner on the first night. When you travel with your parents you got to always be well-planned and know where to head to next (even if you don't at least just pretend that you've got everything together).

I mentioned that I found this by chance, true enough this place came to my knowledge when I was scrolling Instagram. So I just brought my family here without even reading reviews, but it turns out that all of us loved the food there and there were no complains. It takes

As the sun sets, the temperature took a dip which makes it perfect for alfresco dining. What's great ambiance without a good live band right? The sound of acoustic guitar accompanied by soothing vocals singing to classics like "Right Here Waiting " sets the mood. \

Years of visiting Thailand, surprises never cease and there are just too many places to explore. It came to my discovery that it's more than a shopping haven, a sun and sea holiday or a religious worship site. Every country has a charm on its own, you'll have to have a curious heart to discover and a fresh eye to see it in your unique point of view.

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  1. You must have had great time *w* <3 Loving the magical pictures!
    The sunflower field looks super amazing <3

    1. Definitely! It's almost surreal being surrounded by the cheery sunflowers <3

  2. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Hi! Can I ask, how did you get to Khao Yai? Am thinking of booking a private car there from Bangkok but not too sure about the return trip back...

    1. My apologies for late reply En Qi. We rented a car and drove up to Khao Yai (: