Saturday, October 10, 2015

Haul Haul Haul

Surprise surprise! I'm doing a haul post today~ Haul posts are uncommon on this blog because I feel that I'm the worse person in justifying products I buy. Many times it's bad decisions from impulse buying, I don't really need it but I'm so drawn to the packaging or otherwise, the product is so good that no endorsements are needed. But for today, I'll do my absolute best to get through this post without being straight on telling you that you should buy it because I like it. So read on to find out what interesting products I have included in this haul.

Somethings I have in mind when I shop...

1) Is it on sale?

- Pretty sure that I'm not the only one who gets a rush when purchasing a sales item that is functioning well. I mean I do buy regular priced items (I am not that cheapskate!) but nothing beats the sense of accomplishment from getting a product that is cheap and good. Also I like playing the 'guess how much is this' game with my friends, so I get that sense of pride when they thought I actually paid lesser than expected.

2) Do I need it?

- Many times this is just a rhetorical question because a want could instantly become a need if I'm attracted to the product. A 'Do I need this?' could turn into 'OMG I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!' in just one moment. Yeah, things escalates quickly in my world.

3) If you love (note: LOVE not like) it, buy it. If you like it, consider coming back another day to see if you fell any harder.

- I call it love at first sight. Life is too short to not love the things you buy. If you don't see that eye palette, that piece of fine leather jacket or sexy lingerie that you're planning on buying with a giant heart-eye emoji on your face, then don't buy it. Chances are, you bought it on impulse and you don't really like it after you finally bought it. Never settle for less.

So there, we can now get this haul post started. This is a collective haul post and I thought I would share with you some unusual products that could come in handy for you someday.

Urban Decay SMOKY palette 

You probably can tell from my Instagram that I enjoy collecting eye palettes. I've been a hardcore Urban Decay fan since forever and my first ever palette was the NAKED palette. When SMOKY came out, I was in a dilemma. I've owned quite a few palettes and non of them hit pan-deep yet but well, I gave in to temptations even when my heart tells me yes but mind says no. They always say to follow your heart right? That was why I bought it.

False eyelashes

I've been falsies free for for my daily make-up routine for quite some time now. However. I still use them on days that I feel creative enough to recreate a look I saw online and it's just comforting to know that I have supplies piled up in my drawer. These Luminous Change lashes were so hard to come by, before it landed in Sasa Singapore I always had my friends going over to HK to bring some back for me. These were on promotion, when you buy 3, you'd get 10% discount. (also an additional 5% off for Sasa members)
Ever since I've discovered Japanese lashes, I've never looked back. My guess is that since it's designed by Asians, it is more suited on Asian eyes. What I love about them is that these lashes are so natural looking and light-weighted, it doesn't look like seaweed on your eyes when you have them on. Also, the transparent band of the eyelash is so soft which makes it comfortable to wear it on a daily basis.

Shampoo hair brush

I didn't thought that I needed a shampoo hair brush before that but I'm using this everyday whenever I shampoo my hair now. The cone-shaped bristles may look intimidating but these soft silicon bumps are made to exfoliate your scalp which the manual way of hair-washing might not achieve. I must say that this is amazing, after using this for almost two weeks it's obvious that I have lesser build ups on my scalp and also less tangly hair.

It's not a must have but it's a good to have, depending on the condition of your scalp.

One drop (1 teki shoshugen)

This is a little unexpected it surely comes in handy when you're taking a poop in a public toilet. Everyone has different pooping habit, some of us create a toilet roll hammock for sound proofing, others do the royal flush to keep the stench away.

What this deodorizer does is that it hides the poop stench and you literally just need one drop into the toilet bowl before taking a poop and your cubicle would be filled with floral scent! I haven't seen any of this in the drugstore so I think that this is quite a novelty to me. It's worth getting one for travel use and it could get you out from embarrassing toilet situations.
You can find this at Mediya (a Japanese supermarket) at $7.90.

Bath &Body Works (Candle and hand sanitizer)

Back when we're having crazy hazy days, My friend and I went shopping and we both feel the need to fuel our rooms with nice scented candles. Bath & Body Works was having a seasonal change, so they had in-store promotions going on for a lot items. The candles were sold at 2 for $65 and the hand sanitizers (mostly summer scented ones) were at 5 for $14. In situations like this, it's always best to shop with a friend. Because who needs 5 hand sanitizers at one go?

Well I hope you enjoyed the haul post. I might do more of collective hauls in the future so stay tuned!

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