Saturday, September 26, 2015

Of Art & Mirrored Bombs

Outfit details: 
Top // Zara 
Skirt // New Look 
Plimsolls // Pazzion 

One of the perks of our nation turning 50 is having free passes to museums last month, for the entire month of August I've covered as much museum grounds as possible. While my visit at 'After Utopia' exhibition at SAM, I ran into two ladies who seem to have a hard time taking photos, so being the nosy person that I am I approached them to ask if they needed help in taking photos. Chatted for a bit to realize that they from Taiwan and one of them were here to visit their daughter. They were very nice people by the way. If you guys were to come across tourists or just anyone that needs a little hand in taking photos, do them a favor and help them out. You'll never know when you'd be at the receiving end some day.

Since I spent most of my days museum hopping, I made sure to dress in comfort. My plimsolls were the best pair of shoes that I've ever bought, it's so comfortable and I can walk in them for hours without my feet hurting. Such a pity that they looked so worn out now. I hope that I'd be able to find myself a replacement. The top has also been my obsession lately. I love it so much to a point that I feel that I've been over-wearing it. Yes I also bought the same top in a different color! That is so me, can't wait to share with you how I decided to pair my other top!

Also, my friends I compiled a playlist for October! It's songs that I've been keeping it on loop and says a lot to what I'm feeling right now.

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  1. All of these pictures look so magical <3 I really want to visit a museum now :)
    I really really like the dusty pastel colours in your beautiful outfit! You are so pretty <3

    1. Aww thank you so much! You should visit a museum when you can, it's enriching and fun to have some of your outfits shot there. :D