Monday, September 14, 2015

My Dream Workspace

I've always imagined my dream work space to be surrounded by white bricked walls with full length windows. During the day, the sunlight that peeks through the window would give the cold interior some warmth. Having ample sunlight indoors is one of a way that keeps your spirits uplifted. Who would want to work in darkness anyways? Here are some of the items that I would have to create my ideal work space.

My Dream Work Space

Vinyl player (with a couple of my favorite vinyl records)
I know I know, Spotify is everybody's companion nowadays and people these days hardly buy physical CDs, much less vinyl records. Call me old school but I like the idea of having a vinyl player in my work space. Imagine playing a good old Beatles album on the vinyl and how heavenly it would sound. Also, the modern vinyl player is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, talk about being doubled up as a part of interior design.

I must admit that I'm not someone with green fingers but a patch of of greenery is always appreciated. Not only that it's a good decor piece, the terrarium also boosts circulation of oxygen and it treats your eyes to relaxation after the long hours of staring on the computer screen. What's even better, it's known of its low maintenance!

Inspiration Board
It's important to keep your ideas fresh to stay inspired. It could be quotes that you live by, photos of things or places that keeps you motivated in whatever you're doing.

Well this is just a decorative piece which makes a statement in any white washed room. So I'll take that.

Office Chair
There's no way one could under-estimate an office chair, it could make or break your back. Never compromise on comfort especially when you're spending most of your time on work. A chair with a steady back with arm rest would be the perfect choice.

Book Shelf
A book shelf is a great way to keep your things organised when you have books and magazines to hold. Personally, I do not have an extensive collection of literature. So for the shelves that are not filled, I'll use it to hold some decorative pieces like my candles.

So these are my top picks of must-have items that makes my work space a little less serious and a bit more fun. What do you have in your current work space that you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below.
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