Thursday, April 30, 2015

[Wishlist] Are you ready for prom?

It is the season for prom again~ I've seen some cute and creative promposals online and it really makes my heart flutter with joy and envy. Well, if you are going to prom this season, the most important thing is finding you the perfect dress! Fret not if you have yet to find your one true dress, because Sherry London would be your savior.
I believe that prom is one of a big day in a girl's life other than your actual wedding day, so the idea would be to dress to kill. At Sherry London, you'll have a wide selection of designs and dresses for you to choose from,  ranging from cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses to homecoming dresses. Trust me, you'd be spoiled for choices.

Here are my ultimate favorites from Sherry London

If you're still in the midst of a struggle for getting that ideal dress to wear for prom, give Sherry London a browse, you'd be pleasantly surprise at your findings. For all you ladies going for prom this year, have lots of fun and take a ton of photos because you'd want to remember this day for life. 


  1. The first dress is so pretty!