Saturday, April 25, 2015

[Style Me Up] Baseball Game Day Outfit

Girly x Sporty

As the baseball season kick started in April, I'm sure fans of the game have already rush to catch the game live. When watching a live game, it would be fun to wear something in support of the team you're rooting for. Be it the official jerseys or even wearing colors that represent the team. However, if jerseys and sweatshirts are just not your thing, what should you wear? The best bet would be starting with something small- to accessorize with a hat from favorite team. Thankfully for Fanatics, there's a wide selection of designs for hats to choose from as well as sports apparel & even autographed merchandises! This makes it so much easier to gear up for your game.

This outfit is for the girly girls (like me) who aren't used to clad yourself entirely in sportswear, you could still support your favorite team by wearing a the official snapback and be girly at the same time. Layering a light-washed denim jacket over a simple white dress balances the feminine vibe to it. You could either pair it with a comfy flat shoes or platform sandals. Accessories like a statement necklace, a purse and a snapback are essential and voila, here's the perfect casual outfit for game day that doesn't comprise your usual style.

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  1. Such a cute outfit!