Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life in Squares : March Edition

A summary of my Instagram feed in March. A little bit of indulging in good food, outfit of the day as well as concert experience. 

1. Follia Italian Restaurant 

On days that I wanna have an exquisite meal, I'll visit my favorite lunch spot - Follia Italian Restaurant. You can find set lunches but if that's for you, they have a variety to choose from the a-la-carte menu. Appetizers are a huge deal for me, I feel that for a restaurant to create an impression, at the very least they MUST have good appetizers. For starters, mushroom soup is one that I use it as a gauge. It's a simple dish but I've tasted disappointment. (Restaurants serving instant Campbell soup is just a big no). I love my soup to be richly flavored, with chunky bits of mushrooms added for taste. 
Imagine my happiness when I found my ideal mushroom soup at Follia~ I'm so going back again one of the days.   

2. Arteastiq

Mandarin Gallery has pretty cool restaurants/cafes. I've tried Wild Honey and some others but not Arteastiq. I've always been intrigued by their concept like how it's a cafe yet on the other side there's a painting space. I might even try out the painting space in future, because it looks like a fun and special place to just hang out with friends (Channeling your inner Picasso).
I actually like the way they display food as well as the dainty vintage teacups. (I'm quite a sucker for nice kitchenware) People who love posting food photos would definitely love Arteastiq.

3. Godiva Icecream

Soft served ice-cream is one of my weak spot. As usual, I'm fickle and I couldn't decide on the flavor, so I made the best of both worlds decision by getting the combination of  White Choc x Dark Choc.
Loved it! Just $8 for swirls of happiness, so why not?

1. Make up Mess of my current go-to items 

Added two new palettes into my collection. On the left is The Return of Sexy by Too Faced while on the right is Vice 3 by Urban Decay. Vice 3 is reserved for days that I'm feeling bold. You know how sometimes sticking to one palette could get boring? Yup, I was having one of those meh days before I realize that I should spice up my palette collection a little. That increases chances of me experimenting different looks.  
For a month or so, I've been stuck to The Return of Sexy. I usually use this on a lazy day or on days that I'm running late. It has three color schemes for you to play with and my favorite is the purple one which I think it goes super well with my Nars Lipstick in Michyo and Schiap (also in photo). This palette is more on the shimmery side and that makes blending feels like a breeze as compared to matte ones. That is why it's the best to use it on days that I don't have much time for make-up. 

2. Ed Sheeran's Concert 

You can read about my concert experience HERE

 And lastly, the passing of our founding father - Lee Kuan Yew
March ended off in gloom. Spent a close to 6 hour wait in queue to pay my last respects to him because that's the least I could do. Here is a wall where people wrote their condolences and messages for him on display. 

I need some help guys! Recently my Samsung camera broke down on me and I'm in need of advice on what camera I should get next. I'm still in the middle of a struggle of whether should I settle for Canon or Nikon. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me, I'm all ears

With love, 
Clarie C. 

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  1. Love the red and black ensemble!