Friday, April 03, 2015


Bold & fiery - you probably already know about my obsession with red and cold shoulder/cut out tops by now, surprisingly I haven't grown out of it yet. 
Styled the flowy top with a short wrapped skirt for a more casual look but to make this outfit more appropriate for a work day, simply switch it up to a midi pencil skirt. A pencil skirt is just this wonderful piece that instantaneously make an outfit more polished and professional. For accessories, I chose to go with a pair of statement earrings and this classic black leather bag that which I got it as a present for Christmas.  

I'm exceptionally proud of my studded heels from Zalora. I had my eyes on it the moment I saw them but they were quite pricey in my opinion. So I played the waiting game, saved the items on my wishlist and kept it in my cart. Much to my delight after weeks passed, the price actually dropped and they still have it in my size! *fist pumps* It's destined to go to my shoe collection. In the end, it only cost me $20 to bag that pair of gorgeous heels. I live for cheap thrills! 
Mom's shopping tips on playing the waiting game is something that everyone should keep in mind. Especially when you're on a budget, if you can wait, why not? 

It was a rather breezy day while taking my outfit shots, there were quite a few shots that the wind had my hair in my face. These are the final two I picked out and they were the few that I thought that were well captured. You know, the perfect timing where my ruffled sleeves are flowing and I wasn't eating my hair. 

Also, I'd be going to Kodaline's concert in August! I got lucky in getting the early bird tickets for $98. (The regular tickets were more expensive btw.)

So, it's either be an early bird to grab the promotional price or play the waiting game for the sale to come to you. Either ways, happy shopping my friends. (Don't forget to share with me on where you get that good deal from!) 

With love, 
Clarie Cuppycakes. 

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