Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The thing about returning from a trip is that I can't wait to get away on another one. That is if only travelling is inexpensive or even better, free. Pretty sure that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. The purpose for this trip to Koh Samui is to unwind and escape from the bustling city life, that was why our choice of the villa has to be located up the hills, up and distant from the crowd. Well for the basics, unwinding for me was to have guilt-free and 'alarm-clock-less' sleep. While doing that, I happened to break my diet by engorge myself in yummy street food & seafood.  Shopping was done either in  BigC or Tesco for groceries and fruits!
All we did was to cook and have Suits marathon and followed by a dip in the pool.
Even though I came back with fresh mozzie bites on both my legs, I definitely missed the place when I looked back at the photos.

The part of me that has OCD secretly love seeing everything arranged neatly.

There are probably more photos and the rest are on my Facebook album. Feel free to pop by if you wanna see more. 

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  1. The villa is gorgeous omg ;;. All that food looks delicious too.

    1. Yes it sure is! It's probably the best place for a getaway to get some rest. :D