Saturday, January 31, 2015


Here's a preview on my usual posts on VSCO grid, lesser OOTD photos & selfies but more of in-the-moment capture. I started using the VSCO grid because I had photos that I thought were good enough to post, however I couldn't think of a caption fitting for the picture. So I just gave up on the idea of posting it on Instagram altogether. But with VSCO grid, I guess it is okay to go caption-less, which makes it perfect for people like me who get stucked at coming up with witty and interesting captions before finally posting it. Also, there is this unspoken rule for Instagram that is to not flood your friends' feed. Because I queue my posts so often, most of the time I just forgot about it. Now, I'd feel less guilty about flooding other people's feed.

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  1. Hey There!
    Woah you have really great photography skills! The pictures look really professional and awesome! I am now following you via GFC! ^^ can't wait to read more of your posts!!

    Would you mind checking out my blog too at I would be really grateful if you can follow me via GFC too and comment on any of my post!

    Thanks for your time and keep taking those great photos!

    Love, Kira