Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lights Go On Again.

It's a little late to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I could be on time for New Year wishes. So there, Happy New Year guys!
Have been bumming around on Christmas day not because I want to but because I can! Had been so sleep deprived lately and all I want to do is to sleep all day. The weather these days make it perfect for hibernation. Haha well, you could say that I'm great in bed.

For the month of December I've been busy prepping gifts and hand-written cards for my lovely friends who took time to meet me for the month. I'm always so fortunate to be on the receiving end and I guess it's nice to be giving in this joyous occasion.

I've owned so many skirts but this has got to be the first pencil skirt that I ever bought. Pencil skirts might be tricky (you need to be extra elegant when you walk or sit) but it's flattering on most body types as it accenturate curves. I would consider the pencil skirt a basic formal piece but I decide to dress it down by throwing on a scoop back basic black tee and then pair it with my trustee pair of converse.

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