Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Back from my Bangkok trip~ Visited Bangkok for countless of times but the city continuously has my interests piqued. It was definitely a blessing to have met nice people who were both honest and helpful in a foreign country. So, a huge thank you to them.
What made this trip a little more special was that my aunt & I had 2 days of adventure together before meeting my parents for the rest of the trip. For starters, everyone was so worried for the both of us because my aunt is a direction idiot and I get easily distracted. 
But well, everyone's worries were irrelevant as we got around the city safe and sound. But through this trip, it made me realized how important my aunt is to me and that she would be my top choice of travel companion. Among every other things, she is beyond awesome and I love her for that!
Bangkok city is a place where I hold close to my heart and I couldn't express how much the love I have for that place and I know I would keep going back for more. 

Right now my room is in a terrible mess. Terrible seems to an understatement but yeah it is in a piping hot mess. I'd better go make some sense out of the huge pile of mess before it starts piling up. Stay tuned for this space for more Bangkok updates my friends. I promise you to be different from my other Bangkok posts~

Now that I'm back, it's time to get serious for job hunting in order for my South Korea plans to come true next Spring. The cherry blossoms are waiting for me to bloom!  
It was an energy-draining but awesome week in Bangkok and all I want to have is solitude and time for myself. Perhaps being single for the past twenty-two years, I have accustomed to being alone. I am amused by how someone can miss me while I'm gone for the past few days.  Are you being serious? How can you miss me when we only see each other for less than two days in a week? I'm sure you could have better things to keep you occupied than to miss me right?
So if I'm not replying your text, please don't take it personally, I just need time alone to breathe. :)

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