Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miss Flower

When it comes to decision making, I could be so bad at it. Recently M & I came at the crossroads, after a long internal struggle that boils down to the ultimate question, to go or not to go to Bangkok? 

So, we decided on three tosses of coins for our final decision. Heads would be a go; tails would be no-go. Who knew we were so lucky and fated to visit the Land of Smiles~ ( We got Heads consecutively three times! Seriously, what are the odds?)

SO YES, I'll be visiting Bangkok next month~ I can't wait for this trip to happen because it's finally my chance to getaway from this city. (Can't wait for things to turn up better and crazy shopping~)

Today's outfit assemble is simply a floral fringe kimono layered over my staple white laced baby-doll dress. I had been eyeing this floral kimono for quite some time but sadly there were defects on my first visit to the shop. The sales person tried to pressure me into buying by telling me there wouldn't be stocks coming in anymore and that I should get it because she will be offering me at $28. 
Luckily I didn't fell into her trap because on my second visit, the stocks for this kimono came in! So, don't get fooled by sales people. There are lies that they will tell to sell you the product. 

In that last picture, all I wanted to attempt was a jump shot (that failed). Hahaha. 
Anyway is anyone going to Bastille's concert in SG next year? I really wanna see them perform live so badly but I have no friends who are into their music. ): 

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