Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Not Really A Secret

Sirius Black once told Harry Potter to keep his friends close, so I made a collage of me and friends to keep them close in a square grid (notice that there isn't any space between the photos)
These people that I am so blessed to have known from my secondary school , poly and then university days. (If we are friends and you don't see yourself in this collage, this just means that we need a meet-up like now!)

If my dearest Zolz is reading this, here's a shout-out to you. I LOVE YOU ❤ Haha. Hope you're adjusting well back to your student life. Hehe. 

As of late, I'm back to reading novels and I'm currently building up my reading list, so if you have books for recommendations please let me know in the comments section.
I've just completed  Con.template's The Fall of Gods (sequel to Welcome to the Underworld) and I'm following up with The War of Gods then Solangel's April Love Black Coffee.
Spent the whole afternoon at the hospital reading The War of Gods today and I'd probably take another three days to complete the book~
Sigh, there are just so much feelings coming back while reading the Welcome to the World series and I can't believe that this journey is coming to an end soon. There were so many moments that made me go "Aww~ that's so sweet" and how I wished Kwon Tae Hyun was a real person because he is simply perfect. Well, I guess this hopelessly romantic novel has the power to make someone want to fall in love(find Paris).
But nobody can ever match up to Kwon Tae Hyun, ever. 

Enough of my ramblings because I see this going nowhere, except me fangirling over a fictional character. :S
I guess in love, it is very important to be bold enough to make the first move. So if you're a wuss like me, here's a song that you probably could relate to (The bittersweet feeling when you have a crush on someone).


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  1. Omggg!! Zolz here! Just read this post!! Hahaha. Love youuu sweetieee. You just make my day~ <3 <3

    1. <3 I'm glad you saw it! Hope all is well at your side and hope you got what you've been waiting for. MISS YOU LAH~ Haha.

    2. Haha. Thank youuu. I will keep you updated when i'm back~ having a rough time back in UK but no worries, trying to be a strong girl at the moment. Missing you alreadyyyy~ :/

    3. Be strong Zolz and keep pressing on! Add oil! <3