Friday, September 05, 2014

A U G U S T : Life in Squares

As much as I love my Samsung Note 2, these days it just won't stop being a complete bitch. Transferring files to my phone has been a pain in the ass, thankfully for Airdriod I could simply download pictures from my computer without having to face crappy "Not Responding" messages whenever I drag files into my phone. 

Even though it's a little late but I'm keeping Sam Smith's album on loop again lately. I thought Leave Your Lover was sad but my friend disagrees. Selfishness aside, it's a pretty sademotional song okay! 
" Oh, I'm in love with you and you will never know, but if I can't have you, I'll walk this life alone." 
Unrequited love is just SAD and pathetic.
I could give you a list of my favorites on his album but if you're a lonely soul like me, In The Lonely Hour is just for you.

Anyway here is my life in squares for the month of AUGUST

Photos from L to R: 

1. S & I visited the YSL counter and she decided to give the bold red lip a try. She's not a make-up fanatic, so I had to take this photo to celebrate this moment! 

2. Since it was national day, I decided to do something patriotic. 

3. Accidental shot that turned out surprisingly nice at Chijmes. BFF & I climbed to the second level hoping to take my outfit shot without being disturbed or getting stared at. But two random guards has to appear out of nowhere and give me the shock of my life. Well, we laughed because they clearly know that they startled me.

4. Lunch at D'Good Cafe. No swings seat but I truly enjoyed that raspberry drink!

5. Deleted this photo of me & my lovely JDP because I kept having typo errors while captioning this. Urgh. Why does Instagram not have the edit caption button? 

6. I had nothing to post and I decided to post a mirror reflection of myself sitting like an ajumma. Just needed to show off my Sulley phone casing~ 

7. #OOTD I'd do an outfit post on this soon. 

8. My bro's transformation. On the left was taken during Chinese New Year last year and on the right was taken recently. This is what pre-enlistment has done to him (which I'm so proud of his determination) and he's a bald guy now because he went for Hair For Hope a month ago.

Oh and.. Greetings to you if you're celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival on Monday. Have fun feasting on mooncakes, lighting up candles and carrying lanterns. 
Have a great weekend everyone~ 

Leaving you links to find me... Just in case... In case I sparked some interest in you. 

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