Friday, August 15, 2014

July Adventures.

I'm a very confused person. Just a month ago, I was so into anything American or Brit (be it music or shows) and now I'm back to watching K-drama and variety shows. I don't know what's worse, behaving like a 16 year old fangirl or that Korean entertainment is taking over my life again.
Anyway, I was watching Idol Manager today and in one episode the guys in MBLAQ attended acting class and they had to re-enact a scene from the drama "I love you, I hate you". Then there is this line that totally cracked me up.

 "You haven't had a drop of water, yet you're spilling bucket of tears. What are you? A Frog?"

So the next time when you see somebody cry and you wanna find out the reason why, do it the K-drama way~ Hahaha. Oh when you think of inviting a girl for lunch or dinner, there's also the K-drama option, but I'd suggest you to not attempt. Unless you don't mind getting whacked. Haha. Anyway, here it is for your reference.

Time passed by so quickly that I didn't realized that we're already half way into August. Here is a major throwback to the fun I had cafe-hopping and exploring new places with my bff last month.

1. Five & Dime
(Probably my favorite because of the Mentaiko pasta and the amazing song selections that they have there) 

 2. Creamier 

3. La Marelle Cafe & Boutique

Instead of hanging out at the usual place, these days whenever we meet up we'd try to explore places that we haven't been before. Well, I guess this polishes our map-reading skills to prep us for our overseas trip in the future~ (So far so good, we haven't lost our way yet. Hahaha.) Can't wait for next week to finally see her again.

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