Friday, August 22, 2014

If you came into my heart.

Outfit details: 

Black tank top // New Look 
Jeans // BKK 
Blazer // Dorothy Perkins 
Heels // Zalora 
Bag // BKK
Hairband // Colette by Colette Hayman

It's amazing how I could finally fit into these jeans that were long forgotten. This would be my first attempt in layering in this hot & humid weather. Well, I managed to keep my blazer on the whole despite being so whiney about the heat. All because I was wearing a tank-top and I just couldn't bear my flabby arms.

Anyway I just received a notification on Lookbook that somebody upvoted my comment. Haha. I never knew what this means or how it worked until someone upvoted me. Haha. This shows how unfamiliar I am with LB.

Haven't owned any blazer yet even though I know that it's a staple in every girl's closet so I decided to invest in this one. Blazers are so nice to work with when you're in a colder climate or on rainy days (if you're from a tropical country like me). Simply just throw on a bright colored blazer for a color pop in your outfit, just like what I did here. Otherwise on bolder days, you may also choose to do color-blocking. This outfit I was inspired by my favorite style blogger, SongofStyle. I love it how she made any casual outfit look so effortless and chic simply by draping a blazer over her shoulders. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
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