Thursday, July 24, 2014

Strawberry Vanilla

Hellooo~ I'm back with an update. July seems to be one of the months that I am more active on social media. Cleared my final assignment last week and now I'm sad to admit that it's kind of boring now. Besides having dramas and shows taking over my life, next up would be the final exams and then all of these would then be over.   
Oh yes, by the way I'm currently re-watching all of Harry Potter movies! Getting all excited when the Order of the Phoenix fight the death eaters and tearing when Sirius was hit by the killing curse. :') I've just finished watch Order of the Pheonix and I'm about to start the next one while waiting for episode 7 of the Korean re-make of Fated to Love You. 
P.S:If you have no idea what Korean drama to watch, I'd strongly recommend you to watch Fated to Love You with me. It's a cliche romance comedy drama but who seriously.. Who cares when the lead characters have so much chemistry? :D 
(Please watch it with me, so I can have someone who could understand the agony I am in every Wed/Thurs.) Hahaha. 

Honestly, I couldn't wait to share with you guys this set of photos because it's a set that I really love. Always love exploring new places for outfit photos and I'm just glad that I found it here. The white walls and the lack of crowd is definitely a great place for photos. 
Believe it or not, but the best buy from this outfit would be my hair band which I scored it at only $4 from Colette by Colette Hayman. The midi skirt was love at first sight, I went straight to the cashier after fitting and my shoes were also a great buy back in Bangkok City last year. 


- Crystal hair band (Colette by Colette Hayman) 
- White basic top (Dorothy Perkins) 
- Pastel pink mesh midi skirt (Dorothy Perkins) 
- Pony Bag
- Mickey & Minnie flats 

Some of my favorite things: 

Pony Bag
Cupcake pouch 
Minnie Handphone Casing
Handcream from Crabtree & Evelyn 
Versace Absolu 
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette 
YSL lippies 

I hope you guys are having a great Summer wherever you are~ Feel free to leave me a comment, or you could just tweet me or facebook message me. 

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  1. Your outfit is so cute and simple :3.

    I'm waiting for the subs for Fated to Love You ep 7 too LOL. I've been liking it so far... like I thought it was really ridiculous at first, but the actors are really god ;u;. Jang Nara is adorable too, and she looks just like Joe Chen's character!

    1. Oh yay! You're watching it too!!! :D
      It's kinda painful to sit and wait for subs so I decided to watch the raw version and then catch the subbed version the next day~ I'm lovin the Jang Nara x Jang Hyuk pairing tho but the rest of the casts are great too. (Secretly falling in love with the pastor ^^)
      Yeah. I guess the both of them share some resemblance but Jang Nara is SO sweet, whenever J.H upsets her, I just feel like giving her a big hug.

      P.S: I'm watching episode 8 now. Hahaha. <3

  2. wow everything about this look is amazing
    i adore the bag and your heels so much
    you are so unique, wow!

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I love your beautiful outfits, I wish I could dress up like you Clarie! Haha, I seriously need to put in some effort into thinking about what to wear... =X And you've got such a cute pouch!!!