Saturday, May 10, 2014


Black laced tee and colored jeans from Dorothy Perkins. Heels by Edge from Zalora. Pony bag from BKK

There was a phase in my life where I kept going for skinny jeans & jeggings and eventually I grew out of that. I guess there is no particular style that I stick to, I used to love dresses but I learned to appreciate skirts and now my current obsession is the maxi skirt. 

I used to wear pants a lot (those were the size 20 days) because I really loved how convenient it is. I was day-dreaming about wearing something comfortable but not too casual, that's how I remembered the existence of this purple skinny jeans and I went to dig them out to see if it still fits. 
Besides the waist area being a tad too loose, everything else fits. Wore a laced top with the pants to give a touch of femininity and to complete the look I threw on a pair of heels which I got from Zalora. 

Matchy toe nails with the heels. 


So yesterday, while shopping in town, my aunt & I had this strange encounter with this guy who kept staring at me like a creep and tried to followed us around. Also on the same day, I met 'THE ONE'. The one that I've been searching for. 

Presenting to you... MY DREAM MAXI SKIRT~ 
I've been looking around for something similar and I finally found it! The color is perfect and so is the material, cutting and every other thing about this beautiful piece~ But sadly, it isn't mine because I'm not ready to pay $120 for it. We had to part our ways eventually. ):  
For anyone who is interested, my dream skirt is from Marks & Spencer (now only left with UK size 8 and 12)  

I'm still thinking about this gorgeous skirt right now and you probably wouldn't be able to imagine the pain of parting with this pretty one. (Pardon me, I'm just being a drama queen.) 
And if you came across a maxi skirt similar to this, please let me know! 8D

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I'm gonna resume watching Criminal Minds Season 5 now~ 

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  1. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Omg "The One" hahahaha you are so cute!!<3

    Also I think skirts/dresses suit you better because you are very ladylike and you look good in all of the skirts/dresses you wear seriously.<3

    1. Hahaha it was love at first sight! Yeah I guess I'm more used to wearing skirt nowadays. Thanks for commenting btw <3

  2. Ohh, beautiful mint maxi skirt, I want it :)