Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hello internet friends, how is everyone doing? 

I hope everyone is doing great~ :D 
I'm back for another outfit post but before that I wanna share with you one of my favourite book and that is... The Art of Communication II by Taiwanese author Kevin Tsai; otherwise known as Cai Kang Yong. 
Well, I chanced upon the first book a couple of years back on playstore and decided to give it a read. Yeah I know... I didn't even own a physical copy of the first book back then but I'm glad he decided to release a part II to it and I managed to get my hands on it. 

Speaking/talking/communicating is something that we do everyday but we put very little thoughts to it because we don't know the art to it. I know I'm not exactly good with words but somehow or another, I realised that the importance of communications is key to building good relationsips and doors to more oppotunities. To be good with words is a virtue and I'm sure that we all know some people in our lives who are always benefitting from it. 

For me, it's H. H is just simply fantastic with words, till the extend that it doesn't feel like a chore when she asks for a favour. It all happened when H was about to attend a themed party, she wanted to dress up as Amy Winehouse but she was missing a hair piece to complete the look. So knowing that I have a collection of head pieces, she seeked me for help. 

She didn't start off the classic way by saying. "Can you do me favour?" Instead H took a different approach and she said something like, "Hey, I know you have a extensive collection of head pieces and I was wondering if you have a statement piece that I can borrow?" 

This may sound shallow but a twist of words with the same underlying meaning can make so much difference and it just makes me more eager to help. Anyway, H was really sincere because she was ready to travel to my place just to collect the headband from me. But sadly, I couldn't find anything that suits her. 

What I'm trying to say is that, we should all take a little more time to think and about what we have to say. There is nothing wrong to being direct but it may be the tone of voice and the way that the message is being conveyed might be hurtful to the person who is listening. Think before you speak because most of the time things that are blurted out so quickly might be hurtful to the one listening and you might unknowingly made an enemy. But if you are like interested in communications like me and you happened to be able to read Chinese texts, then go pick up this book. Because I assure you that it's gonna be a great read.

Alrighty, enough of my blabberings. Moving off to my outfit~

 Yeah, it's true that I am still not over the maxi skirt craze. I have 5 maxis in my closet till date and I'm guilty for buying the same design in different colours. I just wished that I could twirl all day in my skirt~ Anyway, this orange maxi is one of my current favourites because of its lightweight material and I'd probably be wearing this again tommorrow for school. :D

It's pretty awkward to be smiling with my teeth. :S 

Great shots are really hard to capture and these are the only 3 that I picked. But funny faces on the other hand are so much easier. Hahahaha Have a great week everybody! 

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