Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside.

On a night like this, I lit up my favourite candle, listen to the raindrops tapping on my window pane while I cosy up in my warm bed writing this post. So glad that I managed to make it home in time from my night jog before the rain started pouring. Oh these little things makes my day. A cup of hot chocolate would be perfect tonight. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the souveniers that I got from 3 different people who travelled out of the country last month.

1) A hand made bracelet & heart-shaped keychain (Godfather's recent trip to Eastern Europe)
The cute bracelet was something special that he picked out from along the streets during Easter Day and the key chain was from Budapest. Looking at his pictures

2) Postcard & coaster from Melbourne
A classmate went to Melbourne recently and he visited most of the places that Running Man filmed during their trip there. Saw a couple of familiar places that I've visited when I was a kid and it brought back so many memories.

3) Dainty bracelets & One Direction Merchandise
S came back from London with these! 8D S is really thoughtful because I told her once that I accidentally broke the bracelet that she got me from Taiwan and so she bought me a pack of 6 bracelets. (If one broke, I still have 5 more. Haha.) Well, she also got me One Direction merch because she thought I was a fan, she must have misunderstood me when I told her I liked a couple of songs by them. Haha. But still, thank you for paying attention to every little detail <3 nbsp="" p="">
Speaking of travelling, I'm almost done with university and would be gruaduating at the end of this year and no concrete plans were set for travel yet. I wanna do something memorable for myself before officially starting my career and I'm very tempted to sign up for internship or a work exchange in a foreign country. I did some research and reading, I was read some of the job scope and I doubted my abilities. Haha.
There is another way which is through Au Pair, where you mainly deal with kids by taking care of them. The only kid that I hang out with frequently is my baby cousin and I can't say that I'm great with kids. Playing and keeping company with her is a fine but through Au Pair I'd need to cook for the kid. Well, the best I can do is scramble eggs, salad, pan fried garlic prawn and black pepper mushroom, I'm sure no kids would love that. 
But even if I don't accomplish it this year, I hope to go on a work exchange before I turn 30. I believe that it would be an incredible experience to immerse in the culture of a foreign country and this is the best way to be independent. 

Can't wait to broaden my horizons and to see the world~

And this is what I've been complanining about. Awkward bangs and messy hair.

Oh yes, if anyone went for a work exchange, please feel to share your experience and which country you went for the exchange. :> 


  1. wow, i wish i had a chance to go on an exchange anywhere.. haven't had the chance so can't share anything related to that..

    those bracelets are too cute!!

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