Saturday, April 12, 2014


April is the month that I turn twenty two. What remained the same is only my relationship status,  I'm pretty sure I'm a different person that I used to be. Happiness used to be everything but I have higher expectations of myself now. Of course, I wouldn't trade my own happiness for anything else but there are things that I believe is more important now. 

At 22, I won't even ask for much. I am just grateful that the people whom I cherish dearly are still here with me. Their existence is the greatest gift for me. 
Not forgetting readers who constantly leave me a comment on my blog, be-friended me on Facebook and liking my photos on Instagram. I wanna say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the initiative and thanking you for wanting to know me. 

Contrasting to last year's lavish dinner party, I didn't exactly planned for my birthday this year. I was so busy mugging for my exam and I simply couldn't be bothered. I even thought of staying home to finish revision (what a geek). Finally, an idea struck me last minute which is to visit the National Museum. 
The last time I've been to the museum was 3 years back on a school field trip and I decided to go back again to explore the place hoping to be inspired. I've always been a fan of museums because of its historical value and it beautiful classical architecture. 

Had my birthday lunch at Food For Thought in National Museum before we began exploring the place. It's such a pity that we didn't have enough time to tour all the exhibits, I hope I'd be able to go again soon. 

I ruined my bangs! But since it's my birthday, please unsee my wonky bangs. ;)

With my BFF/Yubo. 

Get ready for some major picture spam. 

Outfit details of my Birthday Suit: 

\\Pastel blue knitted top// H&M
\\Nude maxi skirt// Dorothy Perkins
\\Shoes// Pazzion
\\Lil orange bag// Charles & Keith
\\Earrings and bangles//Lovisa 

And Yubo finally presented my gift during dinner time. Hahaha. It was awkward because I murdered her surprise for me. She came all the way to my house, wanting surprise me when I got downstairs but.... I destroyed it. HAHAHA. I was supposed to text her before leaving home but seeing that I'm already running late, I told her that I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus while I was still at home. That poor girl bought it and she fled to the bus stop, worried that she might miss me by a minute. HAHAHA. It was so hilarious and because I was caught red handed for lying.

That is my flimsy hand-made card along with my gift wrapped with newspaper. Imagine the 'surprise' receiving that.

 There is a reason for my laughter there. Hahaha. Let me show you the card she made me... ...

Yes.... I know I can be a little bit crazy sometimes and I shall leave you with one nice picture of me before I end the post (please forget about me being weird)...  

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  1. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous colours :)

  2. lovely blog :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Clarie!!! :D I haven't been around the blogsphere for a little while so it will take some time while I catch up on all your latest posts (have I said, wiw, a new banner! Haha). Btw, haha, love that gift wrapper and card just like that last Christmas, hahaha. Anywayyy, wishing you the best year ahead!!! And good luck with university! Hope you had fun so far! :D

    Hugs and kisses,

    1. P.S.: Your fringe is super alright, and THAT museum, is GORGEOUS, haha.

    2. Hahaha Em! Thank you for your comments, I'm sure my BFF would be so pleased to hear that! Welcome back to the blogosphere! I can't wait to see your cute doodles~ <3

      Clarie C.

  4. you look so lovely!!! love all the pastels in your outfit!!! thanks for sharing all these!

    Animated Confessions

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