Friday, March 21, 2014

Simplicity is the essence of happiness.

Anyone into the maxi skirt craze yet? I am currently going CRAZY over maxi skirts, till the extend that I went to buy another one with a different colour from what I'm wearing now. I totally cannot contain my eggcitment to wear my lovely maxi skirt out again once the weather gets dryer at my side of the globe. 

For a shortie like me, a pair of heels is a must when in a maxi, if not I would be ending up sweeping the floor with my skirt. I used to refrain myself from wearing skirts that goes over my knees, because I feel that long skirts would mess up my body proportion visually and I have every potential to trip over my skirt (Clumsy Clarie). I'm so glad that I finally overcame this 'height-restricting-my-clothes' crap by not being lazy and that is to pair it with shoes that give me a little more height. 

Anyway the reason why I love maxis is because my skirt would sway to the movement when I'm walking and it makes me feel like a princess. But most importantly, I get to sit like a man. Haha. I'm kidding, but seriously a maxi would entitle you the privilege to sit any-o-how. You won't even have to worry about flashing your undies. (I wear safety shorts under whatever skirts I'm wearing though.). 
Oh, check out my cute smiley bag that I got from BKK~ I would never forget all the trouble I've gone through just to find this bag in the entire mall. I actually stood outside the shop to wait for the shop owner to get back from her lunch. HAHA. :') 
I'm currently expanding my collection of #cutebutuselessbags. If anyone came across interesting bags/clutch like these, please let me know! THANK YOU~ 

One last failed shot of my doing the pain in the neck look. I wanted to be posey but I thought I looked like my neck is aching. Haha. 

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