Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Sweetest Cupcake

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you, lovely readers. I hope you guys collected red packets and had yummy goodies to your fill. Here's my outfit that I put together for Day 1 of Chinese New Year. 

Pastel mint top (Dorothy Perkins)//Pastel pink midi skirt (Dorothy Perkins)//Pony bag (Far East Plaza)//White belt (BKK; Platinum Mall)//Statement necklace (Platinum Mall)//Mickey & Minnie flats (BKK) 

You can see for yourself how magical Bangkok is judging from the number of accessories that I'm wearing in this outfit. My love for Dorothy Perkins started during the days that I'm a UK 20 and even now I can't seem to quit my love for it.  The moment I stepped into the store, I set eyes on this pastel pink midi skirt immediately and when I saw the pastel mint top, I knew these 2 were just perfect for each other. I wasn't having any intention to buy because I was under the impression that given my height, any skirt that goes below my knees would made me look even shorter. 
True enough, the length of the skirt drowned me and it made me look shorter that I already am. So to improve the visuals on my body ratio, I added some height on my feet with a pair of Melissa strappy heels. 
So if you're as short (161cm) as me, don't be afraid to explore more options, go ahead and give midi skirt a try. Also, instead of going with the statement necklace, I went with my tassal earrings which instantly glam up my outfit. 

Midi skirts certainly made me feel more like a lady and the material of the skirt makes it formal. It's suitable for work or a date. For it to be more casual, simply just pair the skirt with a cropped top.

I hope you guys enjoyed the sharing of my outfit. If you love my posts, don't forget to follow me to read more. Love you. 

STYLE TIP 101: Pair your heels with midi skirt if you don't have the height of the runway model but still want to visually look tall. 

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