Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life ain't easy, you got to be strong.

Was listening to "Common Ground" by Kodaline while writing this post, the song of the lyrics reminded me of the conversation I had with S last week.

S had been a great and supportive friend to me and I always looked up to her. Mainly because she is a wise old soul and for that she gives great advise. I haven't met S  for quite sometime so we did a little bit of catching up that night, and that was the day I felt so lost after a meeting. But my clouded mind cleared up after having some heart-to-heart talk that night.

In case you're wondering, it's my life after graduation that is bothering me, in short - my future.
What am I going to do after I graduate? What kind of job should I find? and the list of questions goes on.... ...
Let me say this again, I may seem to be nonchalant to some people but having mentioned it in previous posts, I really AM panicking. But I guess the biggest barrier for me is atelophobia- the fear of not being good enough. That is the reason to why I am at a standstill, but this is something that I've been working on to overcome it.

There are a few things that S shared and I thought it was kinda relevant to people like me, who would be looking for a job/currently looking for a job.

1. STOP looking for a dream job that fulfills all 3 aspects:
- A job with nice people
- A job that you enjoy working and
- A job that pays you well  because the chances of finding it is zero.
In reality, the best case scenario would be a job that has 2 out of the 3 criteria, sometimes you might only find 1 out of the 3 criteria in a job.  It would never be 3/3. Of course, you may argue that there is still possibilities to finding the perfect dream job, well that would  only be the case if you're really really lucky or you're probably highly extroverted.

2. If you have no experience, heck the pay and focus on gaining the experience. Sacrificing the money could bring you greater exposure and experience. It's never too late to start, intern-ship would be a great stepping stone to the corporate field. Not only that it looks good on your resume, it also opens up opportunities for you. If the period of 6 months would be too much commitment, opt for a 3 month period.

3. Learn! Never ever stop learning. I guess the biggest taboo is saying "I don't know" and then give up instantly.  Winners never quit and quitters never win! We were not born as know-it-alls, everything we learn becomes knowledge and the more knowledge you obtain, the gentler the learning curve gets. But the moment you call it quits, you're giving up every opportunity to learn and to be a winner.

I understand that many of us are still unsure of what to do after graduation, I am just as confused as you too. But, I recently took up a part-time job, hoping to conquer my atelophobia and also to figure my way through. For all I know, the sooner you figure your path, the route to success would be less bumpy.
Unless you have rich financial backings or you happened to strike it big, you should start thinking and planning for your future now. The future is not too far from the present, so get started now.

Alrighty, I shall end it here with a quote from S. Just in case you needed a wake up call, here's a gentle reminder to shake you: "What are you waiting for? Waiting for your peers to overtake you?"


  1. Oh how I know how that feels! :) These are some great tips, Clarie! With that attitude, you'll be so fine! :D Although, if I can say anything, have fun before you fully dive in to the career world, take your time thinking, and don't rush it too much but set your goals! :D Most of my friends who are the most successful these days are the ones who were sooooo picky about their job and only took what they really like. Also, so true, on the 3 aspects, I found that probably environment is the most appealing to me. :)) Good luck amazing girl! You can do it!! :D Let's play that Frozen jam again! Well, sure we do! :D *Hi5! *hugggsssssss


  2. Oh Emm,
    Your comment certainly made me smile. Haha.
    I totally agree that goal-setting is so important. Because without a goal in life, we'd all be empty shells. Btw, do you any other social media platform that I could follow you on? Perhaps a personal FB page or twiiter? Do let me know because you seem like an amazing person that I would wanna be-friend with. :D

    Clarie C.