Friday, January 10, 2014


Sending my New Year Greetings to you from any part of the world. It seems as if yesterday was just Christmas and then it's a brand new year today. Last Christmas, we had dinner at my humble home with the closest including my brother who doesn't appear in the photos. 

Please take a moment to appreciate the gift wrapped and designed by my one and only BFF. Hideously cute, so I'm keeping it along with all of the letters and notes we wrote to each other over the years locked up in that box. 

My gift for the her wrapped by yours truly, with the cutest post-it and a ribbon.

The joy of Christmas is to unwrap the gifts. I had a hard time tearing the wrapper apart because it has so many layers and it's kinda difficult to not destroy that piece of uglyunique wrapping paper.

Yubo got me a rose hand cream gift set which I really appreciate, be it the packaging or the scent of it. I thought that was a nice yet simple gift idea for a girl. Especially during Christmas, gift sets seems to be very popular and are mostly inexpensive. As long it doesn't stink, it's would pass off as a great gift.

Cute lip balm that I got for the BFF. I have a thing for cute packaging and the moment I set eyes to it, I knew I had to get this. She's so gonna get smacking smoochy lips after using it. There is a risk in gift set as well, you probably won't get to test out individual items but just go for the packaging. A cute packaging can save everything. Even if it stinks, at least the person using it can get rid of the contents and just put the cute stuff out to display. 

Feast for the night. Sushi lovers are the easiest to please. A sushi platter and sashimi would suffice.

A postcard I won a few months back signed by our favourite band: Magic Power 

How would Christmas be complete without the logcake? The delicious logcake was from Emicakes.  

Group photo with Benard(Uncle B) & Yubo

Christmas outfit: 
Studded cat ears hairband (BKK- Platinum Mall)// Black dress with mesh top (H&M)// Necklace (Tiffany & Co.)

Anyway Uncle B was so awesome~ He discovered the secret behind my tripod. Thanks to him, I learned how to work tha tripod. The night got more eggciting when I suggested to take pictures mimicking movie posters. Here are 2 of my favourites,  make a guess which posters are we parodying?

Click the links for answers.

We are already 10 days into 2014 but the festive mood hasn't seem to left yet. It has to be Chinese New Year because it falls on the 31st of this month. Obviously, I am still stuck in that festive mood, a screwed up sleep pattern is one but I promise to get real once CNY is over.

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  1. Haha, your BFF's gift wrapper is so cute and creative! Looks like a fun dinner, and you girls both looked lovely! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :)


    1. Haha Thanks Emm for your kind comments. You have no idea how happy my bff was when she saw your compliment on her wrapping paper. :p

  2. great photos, yummy sushi, wonderful presents, lovely company of friends.. overall my kind of post!! :)

    Animated Confessions