Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Deep In Thoughts.

(Wearing: Lovisa statement earring) 

Haven't been on this space for some time and here's a quick update. Just like the photo, I've been thinking a lot lately. By a lot I meant over-thinking and worrying hella lot. I have a few months left until I graduate from university and in no time, I'd be entering the workforce. The golden question "What the hell am I gonna do after I graduate?" kept poppin' on my mind and I believe in a few days (Chinese New Year), these air conversations that I have with myself would soon turn into some real-time interview. Well some says to follow my passion but I say, my sole passion is to make myself beautiful and the people around me beautiful. So what now? Is there a career for a personal beautifier? Haha. A total bimbo career option that anyone could have heard of right? 

On a side note, school has started! Haven't been on my A-game since the holidays and I must say I'm doing this victory dance while reading the e-mail from my lecturer informing us about the extension of deadline for the first assignment. I wish I had more clues for the assignment cos it looks like I'm experiencing a writer's block. Besides that, this festive season isn't very much of a help, because all I wanna do is to take a dip in my indoor pool and chew on my New Eastern Ba Kwa all day long. I kid, indoor pool doesn't exist in my humble home but there's a box of Ba Kwa sitting right before my eyes. NOW, if only Ba Kwa is the key to flow of more ideas I would have savoured every piece of it... BTW New Eastern's Ba Kwa is the best I've tasted! Other brands of Ba Kwa has nothing on New Eastern! 

Although I'm having a one class per week, dressing up for school is one constant that hasn't change since the start of the term. Today, I brought this royal blue suede bag to school and that caught the eye of a fellow school mate. She came right up to me after class to ask me about my bag. Haha. I've got to admit that these little things tend to make my day because it's nice to know that someone else could appreciate the things I adore.  
If this bag caught your eyes too, I got mine from Bangkok for about 26$SGD. The perfect bag for school because it fits A4 sized documents. 

Alrighty, to tell the truth, this post isn't an update. It's just me blabbering and it this definitely took me lesser time to structure than my normal ones. I would call this the free-style blogging~ I hope noone is secretly judging me for having air conversations with myself because for me it's therapeutic. You should try it someday if you haven't. 

And... I'm back from my social network detox. So if you're interested to get to know me or to see more of my shameless selfies, I've linked up my accounts below. Feel free to follow me and say hi! Of couse if you like reading more free-style like this, follow me on bloglovin'. I promise to flood your feed. (Muahahaha...) 

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  1. That bag is gorgeous, :) and I think I had a friend was a stylist, yep, as fun as it sounds. :)) Btw, I nominated you for a Liebster blog Award, <3 Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best!