Sunday, December 01, 2013

Would you gallop away with me?

Now if you're wondering, I got the tittle from my introduction on Instagram. Was inspired by some ancient drama and I thought that horse-riding is the most romantic thing to do. So... Would you gallop away with me? ;) 
Horses are one of the sexiest animals ever. 

My outfit consists of: 

  • Grey jacquard shirt that I have over-worm (Dorothy Perkins) 
  • Pink houndstooth skirt that is a little too oversized for me (ASOS) 
  • Neon pink pony bag that is higly useless but I still love it so much (BKK) 
  • Thick black belt (Dorothy Perkins) 
If you have the eyes of eagles, you could tell that I experimented with mixing prints here. Jacquard over houndstooth. It makes sense because the colour of my jacquard top makes it more subtle to go with the loud noticeable houndstooth skirt.

My armcandies: 
  • OPI E74 You are such a Budapest 
  • Dream bracelet (Lovisa) 
  • Pastel sweet trinkets (BKK) 
  • Love gold bangles (Tom, Dick, Harry) 

One last thing, not sure if you've noticed...
BUT I CHANGED MY BLOG BACKGROUND to something much sweeter and it's none other than my favourite macrons~ I hope you guys like the change as well.

Style Tip 101: To mix prints, choose a top that mutes the crazy design if you're pairing it printed skirt. Or if you are going for big prints on your bottom, choose a top that has a smaller print so that it balances your overall look. 

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  1. Oh very cute your outfit, I love it your bag is so pretty!

  2. i love the bag! it's so cute and colourful :)

    would you perhaps like to follow each other? let me know! x
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    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other