Thursday, December 12, 2013


HEY I'm back~

Nah, not really. I have yet to be done with my finals and I'm merely squeezing time while taking a break from revision. 
We are finally at the end of the year with another 13 days to Christmas.Not doing anything specifically special but I guess it's the festive season that gets my mood lifted and all the crazy SALES that is going on that is keeping me hyped. Haha. 

My love for the pastels is REAL! Haha. Even though most people are so over summer, I'm still wearing the summer colors now. Pastels always makes me feel so soft and girly. See how loyal am I to pastels? 

What I'm wearing: Heart shape pastel blue crop top (BKK)//Polka dotted skirt (BKK)//Pony bag (BKK)//Necklace (BKK)  
By the way, everything that I'm wearing is no more than SGD15. OH THE AMAZING THAILAND.
Previously, I kept having grumpy and crampy feet at night due to the drop in temperature on rainy nights. I bought these comfy socks from Daiso that I love so much! The texture of it is so soft and fluffy, it's almost like walking on pillows. But most importantly it keeps my feet warm and cramp-free. ONLY cost me about 2BUCKS and with a cute design too.

In November, YUBO and I were both out of town. She went to the magical land of S.E.O.U.L while I flew to Bangkok for a short getaway. I was chained to my study desk due to finals so we had a gift exchange session over at my place. Look at her checking out the stuff I got her. Obviously I bought more than a lunch bag and a Soap & Glory gift set but I just had her pose with the two biggest items. 

Before going to Korea, that crazy girl made me write a shopping list of what I wanted just in case she didn't know my preferences and so I submitted that long-ass list to her. It was supposed to serve as a guideline and not a checklist! But my she was just generous enough to get most of the items off the list. :') NOW, TELL ME, HOW AWESOME IS SHE? 
The furry headband was not on the list but I did mentioned to her to get my something cute and useless if she visits a themepark. I didn't know if she remembered but she sure did~ 

Laneige skin care//VOV Mascara//Nature Republic Soothing Gel//3CE (Stylenanda) lipsticks and eyeshadow//cute socks// masks and a furry headband. 

And here's a picture of me with my furry ears! Yubo got it from Everland by the way~ If you're interested, I might do a BKK haul too. 

Always thankful of the things that I have. THANK YOU! 
Thank you to you if you've been checking out my posts or leaving me a comment. 

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  1. Aww. I see my big fat face there. <3 Your heart cropped top is nice! Should do your BKK trip post too, after your exams. :D

  2. i love your sweater:)