Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas.

A great cup of coffee with some sweet treats, pretty rewarding to compensate the long late nights spent on mugging for finals. Roamed around town for Christmas lights gazing and some get together time with my favourite person. 

Loving the intricate design of the coffee art.

I liked how malls are nicely decorated during Christmas and this year Marina Square's decor has certainly won my heart. We sure had lots of fun taking pictures there.

With the BFF~ 

Our outfit for the day... 
I wore colours that reminded me of winter, while yubo took up my favourite pastels. Since my top has a higher neckline, I chose to pair it with statement earrings instead of a necklace. Walking around town a lot so flat shots are the way to go. Got these neon yellow pointy flats in Bangkok as well and I love how the colours from my top and skirt doesn't clash with my shoes. Yubo on the other hand opted for the girly look. She paired her paddle pop sweater top with a mint coloured laced skirt along with cute lacey ballet flats. She looks extremely candy-like and I could just eat her up. Hahaha. I kid.  

My outfit details...

Platform shoes (Charles & Keith)// Cat cross shoulder bag (BKK)// Lace sweater top (Bugis Street)//Royal blue velvet skirt (BKK)
For once I finally bought a piece of clothing from Bugis Street. You know it's my lifelong dream to purchase some clothing there? Haha. The platform shoes that are from Charles & Keith were newly added to the wardrobe. It was something that I've been looking for so long, comfy and with added height and I look forward to wearing these babies out/
Have I mentioned about my newest obsession with statement earrings? I had a necklace-crazy phase and now it's earrings. Had been watching Pretty Little Liars for quite some time now and  I always loved how Aria makes a statement to her outfit with her earrings. The wardrobe stylist sure has got some interesting and exquisite pieces and I think that statement earrings are the best to glam-up an outfit.

Statement Earrings (Lovisa)//Leather Bow (H&M)//Orange Lippie (3CE;StyleNanda) 

One last bitch-resting face to end my post....

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays y'all. I'm going to be back continuing my Person Of Interest marathon now. (Currently at Season 3) 

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  1. the food looks really delicious!
    happy holidaysc:

  2. omg dear... it's been awhile since i last visited your blog and i think you're just looking more and more gorgeous!! love the christmas decor!!! everything's so fancy and beautiful!!!
    happy holidays!

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