Friday, November 22, 2013

Do More of What Makes You HAPPY~

Bought this Happy quote book awhile ago and this has got to be one of my favourite quotes. 
"Do more of what makes you happy." True isn't it? I keep seeing people on my timeline complaining about everything! Complaining about public transport, about the school, exams, people. I don't know what more. I think if you are that, then you should probably stop doing what you're doing now because it's causing you so much frustration and anger. Most importantly, it doesn't make you happy. So what's the point of doing what you're doing now? 

But being inspired, there's a high price to pay. I mean it literally. This quote sort of supports my bad shopping habits. Whenever I'm feeling stressed, retail therapy is the way. It is highly effectively for me and gets me all alive and happy again. Of course I'm still spending within my means, it's not like I'm splurging on designer bags or cars. *cough* I'm not that rich yet you see. *cough* 
I'm merely buying small and inexpensive stuff that I probably wouldn't need but I just felt like buying it. AND. I realised some recent purchases were out of impulse, I am so not proud of that but I'll eventually find a use or convince myself that it's a great buy. Haha. 
I have to kick this bad shopping habit or find a well paid job that supports my habit. 

What I'm trying to say is... Unhappy people, please find a way to lift your mood. You can't live past everyday finding faults with petty things and complaining about the same things daily. There is some 'good' in every 'bad', you just need to look harder and find that 'good'

How are my readers feeling lately? Any tips or suggestions in managing stress? What would you do if you're feeling down? 


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