Tuesday, October 08, 2013

[TRAVELOG] B A N G K O K 2 0 1 3 - A S I A T I Q U E

Today's post would be on Asiatique The Riverfront. If you haven't heard about Asiatique, it's an attas night market and business starts after 5pm daily. Getting there isn't difficult but to avoid the crazy evening traffic, the best way is to take the BTS and alight at Saphan Taksin station and then take a shuttle ferry to Asiatique. 

Check out the beautiful scenery.

Probably one of my favourite photos.  

Forever alone at the Juliet Love Garden. Haha. Check out the heart-shaped love locks locked to the gates, if you're going there as a couple you should totally do that! I always thought that having your love locked is the sweetest thing a couple can do.   

Night view of Asiatique~ 

Decided to include Asiatique in my itinerary mainly because I wanna go there to do some photo-taking and I didn't exactly shopped much. But the highlight was coconut ice-cream! I've been craving for that even before my trip and after searching high and low for it, I finally found it in Asiatique. It's SO DAMN good. But the ice-cream uncle refused me when I asked if I could add more peanut toppings. *thick-skin level maximum* ): 

One of my favourite outfit~ 
Stripey black & white dress (Dorothy Perkins)//Smiley necklace (Tom, Dick & Harry)//Faux fur bag (Gmarket)//Shoes (Converse) 
[I look flustered not because I had too much blush on, that was because of the after effects of alcohol. :S ]

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