Tuesday, October 01, 2013

" All children except one, grow up."

Time to wake those up who has been sleeping since September, IT'S OCTOBER NOW! 

 Outfit details: Lilac Cat T-shirt (Laduree x Uniqlo)// Mint skirt (H&M)//Arm candy (Bangkok)// Cat-ears headband (BKK; Platinum Fashion Mall)//Statement necklace (Lovisa) 

I could never get enough of pastels and I was going for a more candy-girl look to embrace the light and cute colours just before summer ends. (Not that there are four seasons in Singapore but I tend to wanna keep on track with seasonal trends.)Now that we're into fall, my recent clothing buys are more to dark, I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe with some new pieces.

Today is the 1st of October and it's Children's Day! Although I've passed the age to celebrate but I'm still very child-like. In other words, childish. Hahaha. The photos below would totally show how my bff and I are never ashamed to embrace that inner child in us. 

Happy Children's Day to you even if you're an adult. Just embrace that inner child in you.