Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Smiley necklace //Tom, Dick & Harry (BKK) 
Chambray top // (Cotton On) 
Polka Dot skirt // (BKK) 
Arm Candies //Tom, Dick & Harry (BKK)
Smiley Purse // Platinum Mall (BKK) 
Heart shaped sunnies // Diva 

Wore this outfit to school and one of my friends commented that I looked like I came from the John Travolta era. Haha. So to make it more sixties inspired, I decided to add my heart-shaped sunnies. I've been very much in love with smiley faces and my trip to Bangkok was so fruitful because I managed to score a smiley necklace and purse. Truthfully speaking, the purse isn't of much use. I can't even fit my phone in it and to make matters worse that bitch keeps eating my hair. >: But oh wells, I'm still happy because it looks so cute~ 


Two weeks ago, I was complaining about not being able to go to Magic Power's first concert in Singapore. But just last week, I was so blessed to have won tickets to the concert from 933 and I indirectly helped my bff in winning another two tickets for herself as well!!! :D
This feeling of winning is just~~~~~ FANTASTIC. To be able to see them twice in a month, has got to be the most awesomest feeling ever.

Credits to my bff for the photos~

 Blurred everyone out of the photo because.... I see only you. HAHA. 


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  1. You have a great necklaces :-). I am your new follower via GFC and I hope, you will be mine:-)

    1. Hello, thank you for following me! :D
      I'll definitely check out your blog. <3

  2. Love your outfit, so cute. And you look so charming. :)
    Id love to stay connected. Following you now. Follow back? :)

    Kisses ♥

  3. so cute!! that purse is adorable!!

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