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Whenever you travel, it is only reasonable to be temporarily put off your diet plans because there are just so many good food to try out. In Bangkok, that is the case because any random food place serves delicious food.

Enjoy my food trail in Bangkok~ 

Hua Seng Hong : C H I N E S E  

It's a Chinese restaurant located in Central World. We ordered dim sum and wanton noodles but only the dim sum isn't up to my expectations but the wanton noodles was awesome. 

Secret Garden Cafe : S W E E T T R E A T S

There are actually many nice cafes in Central World itself but this cafe really got my attention because of it's furnishing. Take your time, spend a day at Central World and visit every interesting cafe you see there.

This was just a random restaurant (I forgot the name of the place) that we walked in after praying the Buddha. The chicken wing was so crispy and marinated and the chilli itself is also great.

Fuji : J A P A N E S E 

This is my ultimately favouritest Japanese restaurant in Thailand. It's quite disappointing that it's not in Singapore yet because the soft shell crap salad is DABOMB! The portion size, the soft shell crap and the salad dressing is just perfect! If you check out my older post on Thailand, you'd know my love for this restaurant.

G L O W hotel breakfast
Not the greatest because of the lack of variety but worth the try because hotel service staff are so friendly and nice. I would suggest that travellers to not tie in breakfast for the entire trip there, just try it for a morning to see if it's to your liking. If not, you could always find an alternative. 

Tudari : K O R E A N 

Also located at Central World. It isn't in Singapore yet, so you should try it while you're there. Every dish is unexpectedly yummy.

Somboon Seafood : T H A I 

Sawadeeka, this is the best Thai food ever!!!! It's so delicious yet affordable, with that amount of dishes we ordered our bill totalled up to less than SGD100. Somboon Seafood has many branches and the one that we visited is at Bantadthong.
Here's a heads up to those who would be planning on going to Somboon Seafood themselves, if you're going there by a cab please don't get cheated because apparently some cab drivers would tell you that Somboon Seafood has already closed down and they will send you Somboondee which is hella expensive and doesn't serve you the quality food!  

MK Restaurant : T H A I / C H I N E S E 

The wanton noodles and the marinated pork (shao la) are the MUST to order. I hate it when noodles becomes soggy but I think generally in Thailand, the noodles are so Q (chewy) which I love so much.

Cafe Marmalade In A Garden : W E S T E R N / T H A I 

Siam Center is another gem that we recently discovered but had not much time to explore. There are couple of cafes that I want to visit there but I shall leave it for the next time. Lovely atmosphere I suppose. 

 Flann O'Brien Irish Pub : W E S T E R N 

We had dinner at this Irish pub while in Asiatique which I will blog about in my next post. It was a Monday when we went and hence there isn't much crowd and we almost had the whole restaurant to ourselves. That was really nice and relaxing dinner we had. My salmon bagel isn't that great because it was too salty for my liking.  

Pig trotters rice and wanton noodles. This little eating house is located at the alley beside the hotel. If you want to skip the hotel's buffet breakfast, I think this would be a great place to have breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed reading my food trail and it's enough to make you drool. :D
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Look forward to my next post, it would be interesting places that I've visited in Bangkok as well as my shopping haul.


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