Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[TRAVELOG] B A N G K O K 2 0 1 3

Bangkok is a place I hold very closely to heart, because it's such a great destination to have a short getaway and indulge yourself in great food and shopping. Last year, I've been there twice and this year, I went back there for a short trip.
Of course, I did my share of shopping and I still feel that I didn't shopped enough. When is shopping ever enough for girls anyways.

As you can read up in my first trip and second trip to Bangkok last year, I stayed in hotels around Sukhumvit area and the nearest BTS station would be Asoke and Nana. This time we stayed in Glow which is in Pratunam area and the BTS is quite a distance away.

I love Glow for so many reasons....

1) It's clean and bright. I absolutely hate it when hotel lights are so dim especially in the bathroom.

2) Service staff are so amazingly helpful.
Upon checking in, they made a mistake by giving us a standard room which in fact we paid for the price of a corner room (much more spacious). So we went to rectify the error with them. In fact, the night of checking in, it was already quite late because of the flight delay. The service staff were patient and efficient in getting us moved into the new room and they apologised for their mistakes and kept thanking us for understanding. They are sure a bunch of most sincere service people I've met. Besides that, what's more awesome is that most of the service staff that I've encountered at Glow are able to converse in English very well and it makes communcation so much better. 

3) It's very convenient if you're gonna conquer Platinum Fashion Mall. Great location to stay if all you wanna do is shop at Platinum Mall your entire trip.

4) If you get up early, you could still shop at road side stalls for even greater deals

Enough said, you should take a look yourself~

Alrighty, that's all for now stay tuned for more food action in my next post! :D


  1. This looks so fun! I want to go to Bangkok now! I love your skirt btw :)


  2. Would love to visit Bangkok. Such a lovely city. Love your rose tops, its very cute. And thank you for sharing this. <3
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    1. You're welcome! I'm now following you back.

  3. the hotel looks so fancy and beautiful!! I'm all for spending a bit more on a nice place to stay whenever i travel! awesome room! love the photos!!

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    1. Yes I totally agree with you on that. A bad hotel stay would totally spoil the entire trip. :D

  4. Glow seems like a beautiful place to stay! You're so lucky haha. *u*

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    1. Hehe I'm not lucky, I'm blessed~ :D

  5. Hey thanks for dropping by my blog! (:
    haha I still love TVXQ! they are the hard to forget hard to let go kind of group >.<

    anyway love your outfits! so cute and pretty on you (:
    (do you mind if I ask where you got the mint skirt haha)

    1. OH hello!! I got my skirt from H&M~