Friday, August 02, 2013

Life Never Ends... Under the Sea~

"We got no troubles, life is the bubbles. Under the sea~"

Had the privilege to visit the world's largest aquarium at RWS with my poly besties last week. Zolz got us tickets, for which we only had to pay $20. (Tell me about how awesome it is to know friends who has great deals!) Travelled on foot via the Sentosa Broadwalk instead of taking the tram to save cost. (It costed us for a dollar to walk in, I think the tram is $4 for entrance.) Although taking the tram is faster but you would be able to enjoy the scenery and snap more pictures while walking. 

Not only that walking is more cost-friendly but it is also has travelator and it's sheltered. You wouldn't have to worry about sweating under the hot sun before reaching your destination and with the travelator you could just stand there and not move at all and still get to your destination. 
Spot the couple, they're just so picture perfect.  

The World's Largest Aquarium~ 

Jellyfishes are like a splatter of art in the water, they are probably one of my favourite sea creatures. I feel that jellyfishes could be relatable to some people, nice to look at but aren't exactly friendly because they'd sting. Oh well, I take it as defensive mechanism. But you got to agree that jellyfishes are so pretty to look at. 

Long legged crab~  

With the girls Zolz and Yolanda queuing for the touch pool. 

We're able to get to feel and touch sea creatures at the touch pool. How cool is that? I remembered that I first touched a starfish was when I was in the Underwater World in Perth so glad that I'm able to feel the starfish again here in S.E.A Aquarium.

That's how a shark's egg looked like. 

We're here at the 'Ocean Gallery' where it's one of the largest observatory in the aquarium. I was so amazed by the beauty of marine life because it's not that you would get to see everyday with this magnificent gallery before your eyes.There were so many different species of marine life that I haven't got to learn about but it was really enjoyable to just sit there and just stare at the beautiful collection of sea creatures~ 

Among all, the Grouper made a lasting impression. Just look at the poor lil guy's face, he looks so grumpy all the time. Hahaha. 

Definitely one of my favourite showcase because the vibrant colours.

Ending my post with some group shots that we took with so much effort~ It was kinda challenging to take a selfie that fits all our faces. SO ENJOY~ 

It was nice to be able to catch Zolz while she's in town because very soon she'll be heading back to UK soon and because it was Zolz's birthday on the same day, we got her a cake to give her a mini celebration. I was kinda impressed with myself because I wasn't being caught for sneaking off to get her cake. Hahaha.
Love you Zolz, congrats on turning twenty twooooo~

I didn't upload all of the pictures that I've taken but most of it are on my Facebook.
This trip to the Marine Life Park was enriching. Not that I've learned a whole bundle of information but I get to know some new names/species of marine creatures. I think this would be the closest I will get to sea creatures because I can't possibly scuba dive. 
Sometimes, we just get too caught up with our own lives and we forget how beautiful nature could be. 

 Also,feel free to check out Yolanda's blog, she recently blogged about her trip to Korea and she's gonna blog about her G-dragon's concert experience soon. Oh yes, she takes beautiful pictures too (better than I do) Hahaha. 

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  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Love your skirt. & The aquarium looks so cool! (:

    1. Thank you!! :D Yeah, the aquarium is indeed cool. I'd love to go back there again.

  2. awesome place. <3 Hope I can visit that place someday.
    Maybe you want to join my giveaway Have a check and win awesome clothes. :)

    .never settle for less.

    1. Hope you'll get the chance to visit too! :D

  3. I love aquariums! I'm going to make note to visit next year when I go to Singapore :D!

    1. OMG! You're coming to Singapore? :D When is it happening? Hahaha.I have no idea why but I'm feeling so eggcited for you. :>

  4. wow! the aquariums are glowing!!! such a beautiful place to visit!

    Animated Confessions

    1. It is a must visit if you happen to come here! :D